Workshop: Photography Basics, April 22 2014


Photography Basics with Tylene Trout
Senior Center – Lancaster , California
6pm to 7:30pm

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned “master” wanting to brush up on your fundamentals, Tylene Trout’s basics workshop is for you. Subjects covered will be common mistakes, composition, depth-of-field, exposure, lighting and other technical information.  Bring your cameras, your questions, and your manuals.  We would like to have our experienced photographers to be on hand to answer the one-on-one questions that may arise.

Tylene has been a long time member of the LPA. Detailed below is excerpt from Tylene’s website…

Someone once said, “Find your passion, and work won’t seem like work”.  That is how I feel when I am behind the camera.  I can get lost in the creative process that captures a moment in time and records it for eternity. I think of images such as Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother”.  The old adage ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is especially true in Ms. Lange’s photo shoot depicting the desperation of a mother during the depression.

My interest in photography was sparked with my darkroom experience as a Radiologic Technologist.  After moving to California in 1998, I quit the x-ray business and began taking photography courses.  I soon learned that I not only loved the process of developing my own photographs, I had talent behind the camera as well.  I joined the local photography club and met some wonderful and talented individuals who helped me to hone my skills.

In 2004 I started Tylene Trout Photography.  Being a small business owner has been a very rewarding and sometimes challenging experience.  I have several shows a year selling mostly travel and floral photography. I have been fortunate to travel extensively and love the diversity of the people and landscapes.  Living in southern California, I also have excellent access to the coastal wonders as well as the desert palette of color each spring.

I have been blessed to receive many awards for my photographic work.  Most recently I was honored to win a my second “Best of Show” for a photograph depicting an available-light portrait of ninety-one year old “Alice” and in 2005 I won an “HM” for “Coastal Fog” in the Smithsonian Magazine.  Be sure to visit the gallery section of my website to see these and many other award winners.  The website is updated regularly so visit often.  I welcome your comments and hope you enjoy these “moments in time” as much as I did capturing them.

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