General Meeting: April 15, 2014


Douglas Wade, our Vice President, welcomed 50 members to our General Meeting night.

Douglas Wade then introduced our speaker for the evening Rob Sheppard, who did his presentation on “Down and Dirty Close-Ups and Macro Photography”. Rob has written 40 photography related books.

Close-up and macro photography will take you into a whole new world of imagery that will surprise and delight you and viewers of your photos. For this presentation, Rob Sheppard shared the following techniques needed to get the most from your close-up and macro work, and can be done without ever owning a macro lens!

He first suggests that using a wide angle lens creates an “environment”, by showing a setting.

With a wide angle for a close up, you can have more depth of field, change your perspectives, and the background can be smaller. Conversely, using a telephoto lens will achieve less depth of field, and can make the background larger. There are good reasons to use ALL focal lengths from super-wide to super-telephoto to get outstanding close-ups.
Things like extension tubes can be very helpful and can be put on any lens. Just know though, that the farther away the lens is from the camera body, the loss of light will occur. Achromatic lenses on the other hand do not lose any light, and screw onto the front of the lens.

Some recommended macro lenses for close ups would be: 60mm, 105mm, and 180-200mm.

As for some of the causes of un-sharpness, Rob explains the following…perhaps subject has movement, your f-stop is too small, or your focus point is simply on the wrong place.

Other helpful suggestions: Use continuous shooting, take camera off Auto Focus and do manual focus, use tripod to get in really close, and use Live View if your camera has that setting. With Live View, the mirror is already locked up and there will be no vibration or movement. A shallow depth of field can very nicely isolate the subject, whereas a larger depth of field will show more of the setting.

Things like a spotlight, backlighting, texture & form, and gentle light are all great things to look for, as your camera doesn’t see what you see!

Please visit for more about Rob Sheppard, and Thank You Rob for an outstanding presentation!


Welcome Visitors and New Members - Carol Moss welcomed 2 new visitors to the meeting this evening who have recently joined LPA

Name Tags - Lyle Trusty is in charge of getting a nametag should any member want one

Membership - Terri Garner is in charge of new memberships for anyone interested in joining LPA

Snacks & Break time:

  • Thank you to Diana Edgel for bringing snacks for this meeting, and also thanks to Pat Ware for coffee & tea setup

Recognition: Wayne Staley awarded both Lee Garner and Paul Craft a certificate of appreciation for all they do “behind the scenes”. Lee’s contributions are for manning the entire LPA website, and Paul’s are for all the computer work and projection for the competitions.

PSA Roundup Chapter Workshop:

  • April 26th – all details and registration can be seen on PSA website


  • TBD…


  • May 20th  – Night Photography – judge – Dan Holmes – dinner at Greenhouse Café @ 4:30 pm


  • Apr 22nd - “Basic Photography” – Tylene Trout – public is invited (Bring cameras and manuals). Will be needing experts on Canon, Nikon, etc to assist
  • May 27th –“Photo Critique & Ice Cream Social” – Rock Myers
  • Jun 24th - “How to Enter the AV Fair” – Douglas Wade
  • Jul 22nd - “Photo Mounting Workshop for AV Fair” – Douglas Wade

Field Trips:

  • May 10th 8am – Venice Beach Photojournalism: sports, action etc… Tina Crowe

PSA – Nan Carder

  • Roundup Chapter Workshop April 26th.  Also, see website for PSA report

S4C – Bonnie Matthews

  • See S4C report on website. Photo boards are now being brought in by Bonnie at monthly General Meetings to display the winning images of S4C competitions. Douglas Wade and Sue Liberto both received awards for April

Av Fair – Douglas Wade & Sue Craft

  • Registration is opened March 28th

Library­ - Bonnie Matthews

  • None

Newsletter - Terri Garner

  • Deadline for May Newsletter is Wednesday April 23rd

Friday Night Discussion Group –Terri Garner

  • 2nd & 4th Friday’s of month at Carrow’s on W Ave K 6:30 pm

Sunday Breakfast Group – Dale Ware

  • 3rd Sunday of the month at Carrow’s 7:30 am…this month Saturday April 18th due to Easter Sunday

Announcements & Upcoming Events:

  • Corporate Challenge: Feb 22nd - Jun 14th - Terri Garner needs more volunteers for this event! Photographing the events, and other various duties. PLEASE sign up if you can, see details online at
  • Poppy Festival: April 26th & 27th - Sue Craft

Nominating Committee Report - Sue Craft

Sue Craft, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee announced the slate of Nominees for 2014-2015 and are as follows:

  • President – Douglas Wade
  • Vice President – Rock Myers
  • Secretary – Open

  • Treasurer – Bill Liberto

  • Voting Board Member – Tina Crowe

  • Voting Board Member – Diane Cable
  • Past President – David Wilkins
  • Nominations from the floor
  • Voting Board Member – Sue Craft

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