San Fernando Mission Field Trip, June 12 2014

Field Trips

Dale Ware

On an early sunny Thursday morning nine of us gathered at Lucky Roxy’s café  (which was very good with prompt service and bottomless cup coffee) for breakfast before driving to the San Fernando Mission to join up with five more members. We took the obligatory group photo and then scattered to photograph the mission church inside as well as the grounds and historical artifacts.

Nan Carder and Sue Craft were available for individual questions about camera settings and composition. The church interior was very dark giving us ample opportunity for HDR shots. In addition to the church there were rooms in low light with historical artifacts including saddles and an ancient wine cellar. There were millwheels, an exposed original stonewall, a fountain and gardens in the bright sun as well as contemporary murals outside.  Tripods got a workout. All of us had a good time and a chance to exchange information about cameras and settings.

Check out all the member images in the gallery.

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