PSA News, March 2015

PSA News

PSA Annual Conference, West Yellowstone: The PSA Annual Conference will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana from September 27 to October 3, 2015. If anyone has not booked a room yet for the conference, there still are rooms available. Registration opens April 1st.

There will be 30 tours to some of the areas: Oxbow Bend, Yellowstone Canyon, West Thumb/Hayden Valley, Old Faithful/Geyser Basins, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Midway Geyser Basin. Tours will be available every day during the conference.

PSA Projected Image Division (Third Round): Entries for the third round of the PSA Projected Image Division Group B Interclub are the following: “Dragon Flies Mating” (Tina Crowe), “Hannah” (Douglas Wade), “Looking Out” (Fran Marroquin), “Sisters” (Wayne Staley), and “Yosemite Valley View Opens Up” (David Wilkins).

Projected Image Division Creative (Second Round): Results are pending.

PSA Nature Division Interclub (Third Round): The third and last round for the Nature Division Interclub is due on April 15th.

PSA Photojournalism Interclub (Second Round): The results for the PSA Photojournalism Interclub second round have been announced, and Diane Cable’s image “Blue Angels Echelon” won an Honorable Mention. Her image may be seen at this web page:

PSA Photo Travel Interclub (Second Round): The results for the second round of the PSA Photo Travel Division Interclub have been announced. Nan Carder, EPSA image “Meiyuan 0893” won first place.  There were twenty clubs competing, and the Lancaster Photography Association placed 5th.

PSA Newsletter and Website Contest: The Lancaster Photography Association will enter the PSA Newsletter and Website Contest this year.

PSA Youth Photography Showcase: Thanks to Tina Crowe, all of the packets of information have been delivered to the local high schools. This is a photography competition for all high school aged youth in the world. The Lancaster Photography Association has sponsored youth in the Antelope Valley for the past four years.

PSA Journal: The PSA February Journal has recognized the Lancaster Photography Association in the Photo Travel Division on page 45. LPA received a third place in round one, and has recognized Rock Myers and his image “Yosemite Falls” for winning an Honorable mention.

PSA 365-Day Gallery for PSA Members: PSA's 365-day galleries are going well. Each PSA member is invited to submit up to one image per day, using the 365-day-upload form and following the assignment of the day. You do not have to submit every day in order to participate. We have provided daily assignments to keep the gallery inspired and interesting. For more information, please go to this web site. Scott Shackelford has been doing a great job submitting images.

PSA Image Analysis Course: Congratulations Rock Myers for completing the PSA Image Analysis Course. Other graduates are the following: Tina Crowe, Arliss Dawson, Helen Henry, Sue Liberto, Bonnie Matthews, Bill Sutton, David Wilkins, Dale Ware, Pat Ware, and Nan Carder, EPSA.

PSA New Member: Shirley Airov-Bieling has become a PSA member. Her gallery and biography can be found at this website

Galleries of the following LPA members may be found at this website: Darren Cole, Sue Craft, Rock Myers, Ramon Rosario, Scott Shackelford, Leslie/Bill Sutton, and Nan Carder, EPSA.

PSA Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club (CVDCC): Judging for the CDVCC has been competed and results are pending. LPA members entering the competition are the following: Shirley Airov-Bieling, Nan Carder, EPSA, Darren Cole, Diana Edgel, Scott Shackelford, Bill Sutton, Dale Ware, David Wilkins, and Richard Wood. 

PSA So Cal Roundup Chapter Event: The PSA Southern California Chapter event went well. Some of the LPA members attending were the following: Shirley Airov-Bieling, Deborah Bieling, Tina Crowe (Committee Member), Sue Liberto, Bill Sutton, Leslie Sutton, Rock Myers, and Nan Carder. Stephen Burns presentation on composites was very informative.

More information can be found at this webpage. If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, EPSA at

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