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By Nan Carder, EPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative

PSA Annual Conference, West Yellowstone: Registration is now open for the PSA Annual Conference will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana from September 27 to October 3, 2015. If anyone has not booked a room yet for the conference, there still are rooms available. Some of the tours are filling up. Tours will be to Oxbow Bend, Yellowstone Canyon, West Thumb/Hayden Valley, Old Faithful/Geyser Basins, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Midway Geyser Basin. Tours are available every day during the conference.


PSA Yellowstone Conference
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PSA Conference Tours

Projected Image Division (Fourth/Final Round): Entries for the Projected Image Division Group B are the following: Dandelion 0359” (Nan Carder, EPSA), “Tracy Fant” (Sharna Lee), Paisley Self-Portrait (Kathy Newman), “Great Egret Nesting 0938” (Holly Peskin), “Palouse Falls” (Dale Ware), and Peggy’s Cove 2014 (Christine Wilkins). Results are pending.

Projected Image Division Creative (Second Round): There were no Awards or HMs.

Projected Image Division Creative (Third/Final Round): Results of the third and final round of the PSA Projected Image Division have been sent to the clubs. Congratulations to Kathy Newman and “Through Broken Eyes” and Darren Cole with “City in the Fall” for winning Honorable Mentions.

PSA Nature Division Interclub (Third Round): Results for the third and last round for the Nature Division Interclub have been sent out to the clubs: “Bear 856 with Sockeye” (Tina Crowe) and “Leopard in Mid Jump” (David Wilkins) both won Honorable Mentions. Lancaster Photography Association was third in the final round. The Photographic Society of Chattanooga held the judging for Group A. There were 23 clubs competing in this group.

PSA Photojournalism Interclub (Third Round): Entries for the third round for the Photojournalism Division interclub are the following: “Blue Angels 5898” (Nan Carder, EPSA), “Dancing with the Ball” (Tina Crowe), “Morning Mist on Natnek” (David Wilkins),

“Please Help” (Doug Wade), “Proud Father” (Rock Myers), and “Tibetian Women Commiserating” (Richard Wood). Results are pending.

PSA Photojournalism Interclub (Fourth Round): Entries for the fourth and final round for the Photojournalism Division interclub are the following: “Girl with Goat 4666” (Nan Carder, EPSA), “Stars and Stripes” (Tina Crowe), “Small Crash” (Rock Myers), “Corn Ear Curiosity” (Scott Shackelford), “Two Kids and a Dog” (Richard Wood), and “Venice Skateboarder Under 12” (Christine Wilkins).

PSA Photo Travel Interclub (Third/Final Round): Entries for the third and final round for the PSA Photo Travel Division is the following: “African Child” (Fran Marroquin), “Iceland Aurora Borealis” (Chris Wilkins), “Longsheng 9050” (Nan Carder, EPSA), “Mother, Child, and Mosque” (Richard Wood), “Palouse Falls” (Dale Ware), and “Sidewalk Café Amsterdam” (David Wilkins).

PSA 365-Day Gallery for PSA Members: PSA's 365-day galleries are going well. Each PSA member is invited to submit up to one image per day, using the 365-day-upload form and following the assignment of the day. You do not have to submit every day in order to participate. We have provided daily assignments to keep the gallery inspired and interesting. For more information, please go to this web site

PSA New Member: Kathy Newman has her Individual Gallery and New Member Gallery images completed. To see all of the Lancaster Photography Association member galleries on the PSA website, please go to this web page (California):

PSA Youth Photography Showcase: Entries for the PSA Youth Photography Showcase have been sent and results will be available soon. Highland High School (Christine VanAllen), Pete Knight High School (Marcy Watton), Quartz Hill High School (Kiley Craft), and Virtual Academy (Erin Jones) all participated this year. Many thanks to Tina Crowe and Rock Myers who helped with the PSA Youth Photography Showcase this year.

PSA International Exhibitions: In the San Joaquin International Exhibition, Scott Shackelford had two acceptances in Color Open- Jefferson Monticello Home and Pinwheel Parley. Shirley Airov-Bieling had an acceptance in Color Creative with “Victory Overall” and in Nature “Mother and Child Chimp”.

In the 1st New Jersey-Image Colleague Society International Exhibition, Shirley Airov-Bieling had two acceptances in the Projected Image Division, “Four Thunderbirds Descending” and “Lion Yawning”.

S4C International Exhibition 2015: Entries are now open for the S4C International Exhibition. More information will be included in the June Lancaster Photography Association Newsletter.

More information can be found at this webpage. If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, EPSA at

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