Macro Photography in Agua Dulce


Macro Photography Filed Trip in Agua Dulce

Field Trip April 2nd. Wildflower season is upon us and this field trip and workshop will provide our members the opportunity to practice and sharpen their macro skills on cacti. The Cables, Bruce and Diane, have 4 cactus areas at their home that you can shoot. This field trip will focus specifically on cacti, but the technique can be used on any flowers. This also a good opportunity to get ready for the LPA flower competition coming up in May.

Bruce Cable describes the location as, “We have a 2-1/2 acre property in Agua Dulce and I have four cactus plantings. Two in front, one in back and also along the front porch. One of the front plantings will be the best as that one has the oldest plants - some as much as 25 years old.” Other places to visit in or near Agua Dulce are Vasquez Rocks and downtown Agua Dulce.

Bring your tripod and macro lens if you have one or use the macro setting on your camera.  Other members will be there to help get the best shots.

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