May Competition - Flowers May 17, 2016


Competition- Flowers May 17, 2016

Submission Deadline is May 10th at 11:59 P.M.

 Winn Krafton will be our judge for the May competition. 

Winn is a Los Angeles businesswomen whose primary hobby is photography. Winn uses photography as her primary creative outlet and as an excuse for vacations and travel. She has for a number of years been a member of PSA, S4C, and The Pasadena Photochromers. She started posting the camera club’s meetings on and the Photochromers are one of its earliest photo clubs.

Winn is always searching for something interesting and challenging. Over the years she has taught junior high Science and English; been a manager in a CPA firm; managed the credit card division of a major California savings and loan: and been a long term volunteer with the Metropolitan Opera Auditions Program.

Her photographic interest are quite varied and she competes in all S4C’s photographic categories. In 2007, Winn won PSA’s picture of the Year.

The definition for the Flowers competitions is as follows. 

FLOWERS - Single or multiple blossoms of one or more plants, including Desert Wildflowers.



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