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By Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative


PSA Annual Conference, Pittsburg, PA: The 2017 conference will be held at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center on October 8th - October 14th, 2017.  Registration is now open. We are hoping for fall colors. The tours have been announced, and they are all still available but filling up fast. There will be Portrait, Close-Up, and Model Workshops.  The Model Workshops will be given by Doug Hansgate. There will be presentations on Portfolio Distinctions.  The list of tours can be found on this webpage:


Here is the link to the 2017 Conference webpage:


PSA Nature Division Interclub Competition (Round 3): There were no awards or HMs.


Projected Image Division Creative Interclub (Round 2): Results for Round 2 are not available.


Entries for Round 3 were the following: A Strange Place (Bill Sutton), California Highway (Pam Vick), Egret 7540 (Nan Carder), Fishes and Roses (Robert Christman), Steampunk Daydreams (Kathy Newman), and Where Fairies Come From (Terry Dickerson).


PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub (Round 4): Entries are the following: Bruce Cable (Blue Angels Mirror Image), Nan Carder (Girl on a Swing), Kathy Newman (Caitlyn), Douglas Wade (Little Ladies Dancing), Christine Wilkins (Off the Ground), and David Wilkins (Thunderbirds 5 and 6).


PSA Photo Travel Division Interclub Competition (Round 3): Entries are the following:  Daily Live (Fran Marroquin), Maid of the Mist (Kathy Newman), Mother, Child, and Mosque (Richard Wood), Winter View (Shane Walter), Yosemite (Kathleen Walter), Zodiacs and the Antarctica Ice (Chris Wilkins).


PSA Journal: On page 41 of the May PSA Journal, the Lancaster Photography Association members’ Terry Dickerson, Kathy Newman, and Douglas Wade are mentioned judging the PSA Projected Image Division’s Creative Interclub Round 1 Competition (Group Cool.


PSA International Exhibitions:


Detroit Digital International Salon: Terry Dickerson received an Honorable Mention with ‘Morning’s Light’ and an acceptance with ‘Moons Glory’. Terry also received five more acceptances in the Monte International.


Photo Circuit (Montenegro): Terry Dickerson received four acceptances with ‘Moon’s Glory’ and one acceptance with ‘Days End’.


GASO Circuit:  Shirl Airov-Bieling received 35 acceptances in the 2017 GASO Circuit including two (2) Honorable Mentions with ‘Bull Riding’ and ‘Three Pink Jellyfish’. Terry Dickerson received 18 acceptances including five (5) Honorable Mentions with ‘Sea Moon’, ‘Pushing the Envelope’ (2), ‘Moon’s Glory’ and ‘Miner’s Cabin’.


S4C International Exhibition:  Entries remain open for this year’s S4C International Exhibition until August 10, 2017.  Judging is August 24, 2017.


This year, S4C will offer 10 Sections across four PSA divisions.


PID Color: General (Open) and Theme: Human or Animals Portrait

PID Monochrome: General (Open) and Theme: Olden Times

Nature: General (Open) and Wildlife

Photo Travel: General (Open) and Theme: People Engaged in Activity

Photojournalism: General (Open) and Theme: Human Interest


For information on the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA, at



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