Red Rock Canyon, Aug 19 2017

Field Trips

Sarah Osenga

On 19 Aug, LPA lead a field trip to Redrock Canyon SP to test our astrophotography skills Most of the group met up at the Denny’s in Mojave then caravanned together up to the park campground. Several other members met the group at the campground. In addition to LPA members, we had a large number of non-members who heard of the event and came along as guests to join us for the night. In total, we had about 18 people. The experience range of the group spanned the range from folks that had never tried to shoot the Milky Way, to very experienced.

We performed a short briefing regarding some of the basics of shooting the Milky way and star trails, to help those that had less experience. After the brief, everyone split up and chose shooting locations, then at dark, those that were still relatively close by gathered for a group photo under the Milky Way. As the shooting started, everyone offered advice, comments, and advice to each other. After some initial photos, people started experimenting with light painting. The group worked together, with everyone synchronizing their shots such that one person painted while everyone else took their picture.

By 11 PM, most people headed home. Four diehards stayed around and set up to shoot some star trails. We took about 75 minutes of exposures before everyone packed up and finally headed home.

From looking at everyone’s LCD displays, it looks like there are going to be many nice pictures coming out of this trip.

Check out more images in the Gallery.

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