Workshop: Layers in Photoshop, Nov. 28, 2017

We are going to have one of our Master Photographers help those of us who are wary of or just have not used Photoshop to become aquainted with the layers process.

Our very own Christine Wilkins will be teaching us the ins and outs of this powerful photo processing method. We will also be be working on our Holiday Greeting Competition for our December Christmas Party, so be sure to come and see what that is all about.

Christine’s outline for the November program:

I thought it would be fun to have a greeting card display at the holiday party. This past summer David and I went to a workshop and one of our assignments was to shoot the letters of our names and then make our names into a card. This forced everyone to deal with Photoshop layers.

SO... I thought that I could give a very BASIC introduction to making a card with layers in Photoshop or Elements. I hope to cover resizing photos, adjusting letter backgrounds, and placing on a background. Lightroom will not be sufficient as layers are not available in it. Participants should arrive with a laptop equipped with Photoshop, and 3 or 4 random photographs of letters for this practice session.and we will work through a very basic card. For the Christmas/Holiday party each person can submit one card entry and there will be a popular vote with the prize of a pound of See's.

Alphabet letters can be gleaned from street signs, posters, billboards, or from nature. Photos should be close up; each letter should be from a different source. Attached are a couple of samples of letters and a completed very basic name card for me and a better one from Dave.

If a participant only wants to write NOEL then that would really only require 4 letters whereas Merry Christmas requires quite a bit more.

So everyone be taking your letters and be creative as you like. Many things can look like a letter, so keep an eye open and your camera by your side. You never know - you might come up with the perfect Christmas Card for your own mailing (I think people still do this) or a fun email to wish everyone the best Holidays.


So be working on your letters and be ready for the practical application of layers for creating your work of art.

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