Landscape Photography and Retouching - February 19, 2019

With Serge Ramelli


Serge Ramelli will be discussing Landscape Photography and Retouching with us on February 19, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Antelope Valley Senior Center.

We are very excited to have him presenting to Lancaster Photography Association! Invite your friends who are interested in photography. He has some great resources, and he will be offering his courses to us at a discount.

His words regarding his upcoming presentation:

In 2005 a friend of mine showed me what you can do with Photoshop and turned an ok portrait into a magazine cover. I was amazed, since my earliest childhood I wanted to create art, images and videos. What I like about it, is that all it took to create a great piece of art was a camera and a software, the rest was up to my skills and imagination.

I specialize in landscapes, cities and interior designs. I love to learn new photography and retouching techniques and share them on my Youtube channel I started spending over twenty hours per week studying photography and post processing. I
discovered Scott Kelby and decided that he was going to be my mentor, years later I had the honor to become his friend. Since then I never stopped learning. With time and competence, I started teaching.

As a landscape and urban photographer, I'm happy to say that today I have accomplished a couple things that I'm proud of:

  • My fine art photography’s are being sold in one of the largest gallery networks in the world ;called Yellow Korner. They have 85 galleries around the world, you can see my work and the ;locations here
  • I shot a full series of photos for about 8 years in Paris where every shot would look like they came straight out of a movie. Some of my photos are heavily retouched, some not. What ;matters to me is the emotional impact, do people get something out of it or not?

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