Participating in the AV Art Community - Edwin Vasquez, April 23, 2019


On April 23rd , 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at Antelope Valley Senior Center, we are privileged to have Edwin Vasquez, a local artist, photojournalist, published author and videographer, come and share with us what he is doing in our local art community. He is planning on sharing with us the importance of documenting our community, his work with the artist community, the power of social media and using technology to be noticed.

A prolific, multifaceted artist, who has developed a unique visual language, Edwin Vasquez, offers the Antelope Valley a breath of fresh air with his photography and vibrant mixed-media work. Using mostly recycled materials (including toys, wood panels and chains), Vasquez is able to communicate his ideas, inspirations and frustrations. Vasquez’s work is fearless in its social commentary, using rich forms and
colors to provoke passionate responses to his ideas around the environment, waste and human nature.

Also, he is a photojournalist, published author, and videographer. Edwin Vasquez was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in 1964.

Next Year's Art Resolution

By Edwin R. Vasquez

On December 26, 2018, Dr. Betty Brown, a Facebook friend I follow, posted this statement:

“You can make a difference! You may be only one person, but one is all it takes to bring change. We call this the Power of One. When you have zeros you have nothing, but when you put the number one before the zeros, you have millions and billions. It is always the inspiration of one person that starts great movements of change in this world, whether these changes are social, political, or spiritual.”

~Chrissie Blaze & Gary Blaze

I have always known I am one of those binary numbers mentioned in the statement above because, for over fifteen years, I have been curating art shows and creating opportunities for the Antelope Valley art community. I have worked with everyone from highly educated artists to self-taught artists, like myself, and I have worked with local businesses, libraries, the old Allied Art Center and old Lancaster Museum, small warehouses, and countless other locations.

I lost count of how many art shows I have put together and how many artists I have worked with. They were not important to me until recently, when I started taking photos of and recording the art shows, because these tools have been essential to promote my fellow artists.

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