“You Be The Judge” Workshop, Sep 24 2013


This month’s workshop featured a viewing of numerous “flawed” images. Those images were then critiqued by our 30 members in attendance. Some images displayed obvious flaws and other images only the trained eye could detect. Our members were up to the task offering suggestions as to how the images could have been better shot in the camera and how they could be helped in post processing.

In addition to the specific elements of the critique, we discussed the best practices for giving a critique.

Key points in giving a photo critique:

  1. Start positive
    1. What is good about the image
    2. Ask the maker what they like about the image
    3. Help the maker feel comfortable discussing the image
  2. Ask questions
    1. What did the maker think about the image?
    2. What were they trying to accomplish with the image?
    3. What did the maker not like about the image?
    4. What would they do differently next time?

      From the answers to these questions, you can ascertain the skill level and experience of the photograph creator.
  3. Use key words that suggest the subjective nature of photograph critiques
    1. “to me”, “in my opinion”, “to my eye”, “I think”, “consider”, “might”, “may”
  4. Words to avoid
    1. “always”, “must”, “should”, “never”
  5. Use the Professional Photographers Association “Gold Standard for a Merit Image” as a guide to your comments about the image
    1. Impact, Technical excellence, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique, Story Telling
  6. Finish with positive comments and encouragement
  7. Offer sources of information that will enable the photographer to learn more on their own.
    1. You Tube- Free…Just type in your question and the answer will appear in video
    2. Creative Live- Free classes on line. Live in the daytime and repeated at night. Downloads available at reasonable prices.
    3. Lynda.com- workshops, tutorials, etc
    4. Adorama- Free weekly email with short videos on photography
    5. Improve Photography.com – Free Weekly audio podcasts and weekly email tutorial
    6. UglyHedgehog.com
    7. Dpreview.com- equipment reviews
    8. Amazon- equipment and software reviews
    9. Kelbytraining.com- $99. Per year
    10. Bhphotovideo.com
    11. Proofphotography.net
    12. 500ps.com
    13. 1x.com- have your photos critiqued

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