Lewis Kemper, Canon Explorer of Light, February 25th, 2014


A large crowd was in attendance as Lewis Kemper, a member of the Canon Explorer of Light, presented a workshop on “Light, Color and Composition: Tips to improve your photographs”.
Over 100 attendees from a far as Thousand Oaks, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Tehachapi enjoyed beautiful images from around the world. In addition, visitors from Palmdale senior center and the Antelope Valley Photographers enjoyed the presentation.

Over 2 hours of photography tips inspired us to try new techniques and look for the beautiful images all around us. Here’s just a few of the topics Lewis Kemper covered.

  • Compose more varied and effective images
  • Expand your ability to "see" images
  • Learn how to think about the direction and characteristics of light
  • Use color just as you can use lines, shape and form enhance your compositions
  • Grasp the concept of the color wheel and how to use color relationships deliberately to build vibrant images
  • Give a distinctive feel to your images based on Cool tones with a Warm Accent; Warm tones with Cool Accent; Pastels, Saturated Color; Monochromatic Color, and the paradoxical No, Color, Color
  • Master composition fundamentals including the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Repeated Patterns, Horizontal vs Vertical, and Horizon placement
  • Simplify your images and emphasize the important elements of the composition

The evening closed with a slide and video presentation of a trip to India that Lewis had just completed. The cultural highlights and beautiful images made a great conclusion to a delightful evening.

Lewis Kemper’s presentation “Light, Color and Composition” can be purchased as a universal app that will play on any internet connected device for only $14.95 (before discount).  Purchase at www.fulltouch.com/LCC and use coupon code LKB10 to save 10%.

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