It Will Never Be The Same Again

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On the day the Twin Towers fell, still photography was reborn. And, according to the New York Times Picture Editor, "It will never be the same again."

She said it. I believe it. And that's that. The New York Times, News Week Magazine, The National Review, and untold other News Bureaus around the world clamored for still pictures that revealed the gruesome, detailed, personal stories that will remain for centuries as images the civilized world will recall. The Law of Unintended Consequences* was invoked upon the radical Muslims by their own hand on 9/11, and it will never be forgotten.

Notes from Lyle

By Lyle Trusty



That demand for pictures set in motion the use of every kind of camera, from the conventional film models to expensive digital technology wonders, to produce instant, archival, small, large, color, and black and white images. All had their place in the camera bags of the photographers and some of them risked their lives to record the images that we know will be preserved for all time.

Several of the pictures taken at the World Trade Center won the Pulitzer Prize for Photography. As future global events call photographers to action, their experience will help guide them in their selection of equipment. Their choices will be reflected in the direction technology takes in the development of future Image Capture devices.

My own experience is much the same as theirs. I like my digital camera more and more with every photo I shoot, but I like my Nikon F100 for its familiar feel and simple way of grabbing a fast shot. New accessories for the digital camera fill the voids, and get added as experience is gained.


*A word or deed that accomplishes the exact opposite of that which you intended.




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