Member Slideshow, March 15, 2005


Our March meeting was well attended with 45 people present, including 4 guests.  By the end of the evening, we gained 6 new members!  Welcome Woody & Kathy Munich, Ken and Arlene Moeller, Val Freeman, and our 100th member, Jim Cherry.  Ted Ayers, a former LPA member, traveled here all the way from Rapid City Iowa, just to visit, and check out the wildflowers.  Ted loves to drive, and covered 700 miles in one day, to check out the flowers in and around Death Valley.


Another visitor, Jim Cherry, came from Juniper Hills to share some beautiful large color photos taken with his pinhole cameras.


We’re hoping Jim will come back in the future to conduct a program on ICC Profiling, monitor calibration, and digital workflow.



Our program this month was a membership slide show where participants shared techniques used in creating some of their favorite photos.

Paul Craft demonstrated how he created a panoramic rainbow shot taken over the Antelope Valley.


Rene Caro shared some of his panoramic photos, and talked about the challenges in taking them… being  watched by the CHP and he sat on a hilltop over the freeway while photographing Vasquez Rocks, and the difficulties encountered in doing a Grand Canyon panoramic.

David Rubio checking out
Bill Albrecht's 3D Viewer

His wife Patty showed us how she likes to view things from a different perspective, such as down really low, or shooting through an object.

Paul Le-Reux showed examples of layering slides and getting very creative images.  Sue Craft’s slide presentation provided examples of how with a bit of pre-planning, sunrises/sets and moonrises/sets can captured.

Christina Reinke’s shared her challenges in photographing the wildlife in South Africa.  Albertus Reinke shared a series of slides of a large wild African cat stalking it’s prey.  Charlie Brown told “the rest of the story” behind the stunning photo of the cowboy roping in the flying dust.


Everyone had a slightly different approach to their presentations, which made for a very interesting evening.


Pat Ware verifying the 50/50 drawing ticket

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