Wildflower Trip, April 7, 2005

Field Trips

Our second attempt at photographing the wildflowers was a success!

A slight breeze was in the air, and overcast skies, which actually made for a great day lighting wise, to photograph the flowers.

Eight of us (Lyle Trusty, Anne Trusty, Arley Clark, Dennis Goodno, Dave Anderson, Darlene Sprunger, and Darlene McMullin) headed west, in search of the “hot” flower spots.

With the information gathered from scout trips, Dean Webb, and Lyle Trusty, Sue put together a map with detailed instructions on 6 great flower locations near the Poppy Reserve.  If you missed the trip, but want to know the hot spots…


Map and directions


Flowers were plentiful, with a wide variety of species everywhere.  Yellow Goldfields can be found almost anywhere!  We found Desert Primrose, Poppies, Bush Lupine, Owls Clover, and many smaller varieties of flowers, all mixed in with… Desert Goldfields.

Many photo ops existed today, from macro to scenic.  Wide angle lens, macro lens, and telephoto lenses were all of use.  Some used tripods, some were flat on their bellies in the flowers, and Lyle was even flat on the ground looking up, getting that bug’s eye view of a Poppy plant.

Five hours of FUN in the flower fields with friendly fellow Foto friends was fabulous!




From AV Fwy, head W on Ave I to location #1

#1 AV Poppy Reserve area (Ave I turns into Lancaster Rd).  Poppies can be found at either the reserve ($5 parking) or up the dirt road towards the butte on the South side of the reserve.  No parking signs align most of the road, so don’t take a chance on getting a ticket.

#2 Proceed W on Lancaster Rd about 4 miles.  Even thought the paved road turns right at 190th, continue West on the old paved part that heads towards an old ranch house, and then turn L on 195th.  Continue S on 195th, up and over the aquaduct for easy parking.   Don’t go beyond the pavement ending point.  This is one of Milt Stark’s (our local wildflower expert) favorite areas.

#3 Head back to Lancaster Rd, go another mile or so to Ripley Desert Woodland Preserve.  Go through the walk in gate, and take the short nature trail.  Nice blooming blue sage and other flowers.  (Restroom available)

#4  Proceed about three or four miles West on Lancaster Rd until it passes over the aquaduct.  Higher clearance cars could take the dirt road to the left, in back of the aquaduct.  Milt Stark says the number of flowers in this area is high.

#5 Return to Lancaster Rd, and continue heading W.  You’ll pass fruit tree farm and the road will bend towards the N.  You’ll see a sandy wash to the right that is full of large Bush Lupine.

#6 Turn R when you come to Ave D (Hwy 138) and head back towards Lancaster.  One last great photo op exists near 140th West and Ave D.  140th is an unmarked dirt road (3 miles beyond 170th) and heads S towards the thick yellow Goldfields, with Poppies, and a few blooming Joshua Trees amid the Goldfields.



Be safe, and WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES!!!

Sue Craft
Cell 661-273-7257

Thank you to Dean Webb for the HOT flower tips!

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