General Meeting, July 19, 2005


Our program this month was a digital slide presentation about “Bodie”, by photographer Dwight Goode. Special access arrangements were made, and Dwight was able to spend several days photographing sunsrises/sunsets, and the insides of buildings. Lighting often was a challenge, but Dwight overcame that with flash, reflectors, and his Photoshop skills. Many before/after shots were shared, demonstrating just a few of the things that can be done with Photoshop.

Dwight teaches Photoshop, one-on-one, in an 8 hour class. He will help you work 5-6 of your own images, and provide a reference book on Photoshop techniques. He can be contacted at (818) 886-0570. His book “Photoshop How to Do It Illustrated Help Reference Book” may be purchased separately as well.

Our new Competition Chairperson, Kay Hendrickson, shared her ideas for the new year. Most exciting are the additional classes being offered (Novice, Master, and Salon). There’s going to be a spot for everyone! Details will be available soon.

Two newly announced events to look forward to are: Fall Color Field trip lead by Lyle Trusty, and LPA Participation at the Palmdale Fall Festival October 8-9.

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