Bishop Fall Colors, October 3, 2005

Field Trips

Once again, our trip leader Lyle Trusty, picked the perfect time to capture the peak of fall color. For the third year in a row, brilliant color was found during the first week of October.

This year, the most brilliant color seemed to lie between 7000-9000 ft, with bare trees above, and still green trees below.

Our “base camp” in Bishop consisted of hotel rooms with nice warm beds, hot coffee, and Denny’s nearby. After gathering for meals, and exchanging information on the “hot spots”, smaller groups split up and headed out.

Lyle was “right on” with knowing where and when to be.


I kept thinking about his most recent article in the newsletter, and thought about backlighting the trees, using or not using my polarizer, and remembering to turn around to see the view behind me. He had valuable tidbits to offer on where to be and when, for the best photo ops.



We were a busy group, as we made it up Bishop Creek to Lake Sabrina, North Lake, and South Lake, and the Owens River just north of Bishop, all in half a day!

The second day, we added Rock Creek, McGee Creek, and Convict Lake.


By the time some of us reached Convict Lake, we were a bit pooped out, and quite content to just sit and watch the colors change on the lake! Wednesday morning, everyone seemed to return to their most favorite spot, and then, sadly, yet completely re-energized, and exhausted at the same time, headed for home.


I have to say… I’ve been a club member for 3-4 years now, and I finally made it on one of the LPA Fall Color trips, and I had a blast!

Thank you Lyle!!!


As a side note, we plan on showing some of the excellent photos we all captured at our next club meeting. (18th Oct).

Come by and check them out.

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