Randsburg, “A Living Ghost Town”, March 4, 2006

Field Trips

We had a large turnout of 18 people for this trip.  We began the day with our usual breakfast gathering, this time at Denny’s in Mojave, where we had plenty of time to socialize, pass out maps, and talk about the day’s plans over a good meal before heading out.

Our first stop was only about 20 miles down the road from Mojave, at the “Scenic Red Cliffs” of Redrock Canyon State Park.  Here we were treated to the early morning light on the red cliffs and birds sailing along the tops of the formations.



After taking in the scenes at Redrock for a while, we moved on about another 20 miles down the road to Randsburg, where after a short introduction to the town, and a reminder of Kay’s words, “Think Wood”, the group split up and headed out in every direction.



Many of us had never been here before, and were surprised to see so many well preserved relics of the past, mostly still in their original settings, such a short distance from home.



This town is quite unique, as most of it has not been restored, as some of the other Ghost Towns have.  Many buildings are slowly deteriorating from too many years of neglect.


Of course, this is mainly why it has so much photographic appeal. You have to wonder though, how much longer will it be until these relics can no longer exist as they are.

Many examples of weathered wood and other subjects were available for the photographer, including a 95 year old bar-maid still serving drinks.

The old fashioned general store became a good rest stop and gathering place.  They had some pretty decent food, but they’re mostly known for their great milkshakes, which most of us had to indulge in.

About 1:30, we all met in front of the White Horse Saloon (and Floozy House) for a group picture before some of us started leaving for home.

Those of us who still wanted to do more, decided to have a milkshake before heading down the road to the old settlement of Garlock where we had more good opportunities for wood pics as the soft light of evening was coming on, and the images took on more character.

We ended up back in Red Rock Canyon and continued our photographic quest as the evening light was fading away.

This was among our better trips.  We were glad to see so many of our newer members join us and use this opportunity to become better acquainted with our group.  As always, the social experience and the opportunity to share our expertise was as rewarding as the photography itself.


Article by Dean Webb and John Shedrick

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