Field Trip to the Nethercutt Museum

Field Trips

Ten of us showed up for this trip, led by Dave Anderson.  We began the day with a hearty breakfast at Bakers Square.  From there, it didn’t take long to reach our destination, which was just over the hill in Sylmar.

We arrived in time, before our scheduled guided tour, to roam through their vast collection of vintage classic cars.  This consisted mostly of the early luxury cars; many Rolls-Royces, etc., all perfectly maintained and ready to drive.

At 9:45, we all headed across the street for our guided tour of the five story San Sylmar building


Here were their most prized possessions, all elegantly displayed in a setting that looked more like Ballroom than a showroom.  We were cautioned not to touch anything, as some of their vehicles here were valued as much as Twenty Million Dollars each.

Besides their fabulous collection of cars, they also had a huge collection of hood ornaments and mechanical musical instruments, all in perfect working condition, many of which were demonstrated for our benefit.

This was a really worthwhile trip.  It was free of charge, not very far, and a challenge to your creativity.  Thanks to Dave for selecting this location and leading the trip.  We not only got an education, but lots of  great pictures too.


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