Pool Party- August 5, 2006


A Hawaiian/South Pacific theme was chosen for the annual pool party for the Lancaster Photography Association on Aug 5th.  This was the fifth year for this special social fun event.

The party was accented by the painting of a beach scene mural on the block wall surrounding the Hendrickson’s beautiful pool. The mural was designed by club member Janine Roy and the painting was done by her and members of the photo club.

Photo by Dennis Goodno


Photo by Clen Hendrickson


The party atmosphere was especially festive with the women wearing grass skirts, coconut bras and the men wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Tiki lights illuminated the area where numerous photographs were taken of the twenty six members in attendance while they swam and ate delicious hamburgers and salads.  A special thank you cake was presented to the host and hostess by Ann and Lyle Trusty and served with heaping amounts of strawberry ice cream with choices of all the toppings imaginable contributed by long time club member Fred Fredrickson.


Photos by John Shedrick & Clen Hendrickson


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