Flash Photography Workshop, August 22nd, 2006


This month's workshop was conducted by Don Bennett on the subject of Flash Photography.  Don is an old hand with flash and has been using it proficiently since the days when you had to do manual calculations for everything.He explained a bit of the history of flash, then went on to cover some of the newer equipment that is currently available and the neat things that can be done with it.  Don let the many questions and comments from the attendees guide the course of the subject matter.  One of the key points discussed was how your camera handles flash when used in the different modes (Program, Aperture or Shutter priority mode).During the discussion, some of the actual effects were demonstrated and projected on the screen with the camera directly linked to our projector.  There was also quite an assortment of flash attachments and other accessories on hand which were discussed and demonstrated.

Don did a great job in his presentation and everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy and benefit from his workshop.

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