September 2006 Meeting & Competition


What a turnout!  We had over 68 people in attendance, surely a new record.  Many new faces were present, and quite a few of them joined the club.  Most of the visitors found out about the club when visiting the photography exhibit at the AV Fair.

Another “first” happened tonight, as we had added digital entries to our competition schedule.  Over 50 digital entries were displayed, judged, and critiqued.  Entries were broken down into 2 categories (A-Advanced/Amateur and B-Novice/Amateur).  Congratulations to Ken Kuehne on his 1st place entry “Wendy’s Balloon”, and to John Shedrick for his 1st place winner, “Moss In Water”.  This was our “test run” for digital competitions, and Paul Craft, our digital competition chairperson, did an amazing job.  

As usual, we had many beautiful prints, and slide entries as well.  Many of our newest members participated, and won ribbons too!



We were very pleased to have Larry Cowles judge and critique entries for us.  Larry is a very active member of PSA (since 1987) and has received his PPSA, and EPSA.  He is President of Glendora Color Slide Group, member of Redlands Camera Club and Pomona Valley Camera Club.  Larry is currently Chairperson of the PT Division of S4C Council and Chairperson in CSD Division of S4C International Exhibition.

Larry went above and beyond the call of duty, and critiqued each and every entry.  No small task, since there were 117 entries, 50 digital entries, 19 slides, and 48 prints!!  The critiques proved to be a valuable learning experience for all.




1st        Shane Jung               Toad on Yellow

2nd        Janine Roy                    Boo

3rd        Denny Valentine           Bubble Boy

HM      Helen Henry                 A Bit of Pollen

HM      Helen Henry                 A Visitor

HM      Gary Robison               Fun Horse



1st        Michael Harris  Drinking from a Straw

2nd        Wendy Ware                Japanese Garden

3rd        Sharanjit Dhillonn          Dancing Couple

HM      Emma McGuire            Dawn

HM      Emma McGuire            Nikki



1st        Dave Arnold                 Athena

2nd        Pat Ware                      Street Musician in Budapest

3rd        Fred Griggs                  Mono Lake

HM      Pat Ware                      Clouds Over Stonehenge

HM      Fred Griggs                  Mono Lake Storm



1st        Tylene Trout                 Randy

2nd        Sue Craft                      Mono Lake Reflection

3rd        Vince Capasso             Orange Spring Mound

HM      Lyle Trusty                   Shelby


Digital B – Novice/Amateur

1st        Ken Kuehne                 Wendy’s Balloon

2nd        Anita Kratofil                Jellyfish

3rd        Monika Lowe               Sugarmill Gears

HM      Chelley Kitzmiller          Tunnel View Sunset

HM      Chelley Kitzmiller          Yosemite Winter Scene

HM      Brad Foss                    Feather in Time

HM      Ken Kuehne                 Evening Pier

HM      Roger Day                    Cactus Balls


Digital A – Advanced/Master

1st        John Shedrick               Moss in Water

2nd        Lee Simmons                Succulent

3rd        Stan Roy                      Rainset

HM      Dean Webb                  Arc Mt Whitney

HM      Dennis Goodno            Fire Bomber

HM      Dennis Goodno            Girl with Surfboard

HM      Lyle Trusty                   Cactus Blossoms

HM      Paul Craft                     Bodie Church Sunset


Slides - Open

1st        Walt Old                      Lundy Pond

2nd       Bill Albrecht                Grand Canyon

3rd        Darlene Sprunger     Before the Storm

HM      Walt Old                     Sunset Ride

HM      Darlene Sprunger     Gone Fishing


Photos by John Shedrick

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