November 2006 Meeting & Competition


Over 52 people (and a couple of visitors) showed up for our second competition of the photo year, with many beautiful prints, slides, and digital entries (click to see Division A and Division B), all of a Nature theme.

Our judge, Diane Racey, joined her first camera club in 1981, has been a school photographer since 1982, and a very active member of PSA since 1985, as well as an active member of S4C. Diane started her photographic expedition in the darkroom, with black & white, and has now gone digital. She has a background in Fine Arts. Diane’s critiquing session was an excellent learning experience for all.

Congratulations to Lee Simmons on her 1st Blue Ribbon ever! Lee’s been gathering up ribbons over the past couple of years, and just earned herself a Blue in the Division “A” Digital competition, competing with the Advanced Amateurs, and Masters.


Anita Kratofil took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Division “B” Digital Class. She’s now ready to leave the Novice Category, and compete with the Amateurs.

It’s always exciting to see new members take the jump and enter competitions. Some of our newest members did quite well! Sky Jung, Kathy Jung, Helen Henry, Sue Liberto, and Nan Carder were all “Newbies” who went home with ribbons.


Emma McGuire went home with $37.50 more in her pocket, as she was the winner of the 50/50 drawing.


Competition Results

November 21, 2006
LPA Competition – Theme Nature
Judge – Diane Racey



1st Kevin Hirschbuehler Lone Arch

2nd Darlene Sprunger About to Bloom

3rd Richard Wood Sunflower

HM Bill Albrecht Fog

HM Richard Wood Polar Bear

HM Don Bennett Catching a Few Rays

HM Walt Old Beaver Pond


Novice Prints

1st Sky Jung Stone Pond

2nd Helen Henry Little Owl

3rd Kathy Jung Fall

HM Gary Robison Snake

HM Nan Carder The Butttes & Joshua

HM Nan Carder Hanging On

HM Helen Henry Another Visitor


Amateur Prints

1st Eugene Johan Lion Fish

2nd Wendy Ware Llama at the Fair

3rd Chelley Kittsmiller A Good Day for Fishing

HM Mike Harris Sunrise

HM Mike Harris Butterfly

HM Chelley Kittsmiller Isn’t She Lovely


Advanced Amateur

1st Inga Nagel Oak Grands

2nd Pat Ware Lily

3rd Inga Nagel Fall & First Snow

HM Inga Nagel Maple Grove

HM Dave Anderson Waterfall on Bishop Creed

HM Dave Anderson Water Flower


Master Prints

1st Tylene Trout Ain’t Love Grand

2nd Don Bennett Eagle on the Madison

3rd Lyle Trusty Duck in Reflection

HM Lyle Trusty Bishop Creek


Division “B” Digital – Novice/Amateur

1st Anita Kratofil Butterfly on White Cosmos

2nd Anita Kratofil I Spy

3rd Anita Kratofil Slot Canyon

HM Gary Robison Beauty on Swamp

HM Monika Lowe Pink Lily Pad

HM Sue Liberto Gopher Snake

HM Vivian Carrick Sea Anemone


Division “A” Digital – Adavanced/Master

1st Lee Simmons Beetle on California Poppies

2nd Don Bennett Red Tail Hawk 1

3rd Sue Craft Sexy Rose

HM Lee Simmons Bishop Creek

HM Sue Craft Love Bites

HM Sue Craft Sierra Stream


Photos by Dennis Goodno


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