2007 AV Fair


Thirty LPA members won thirty firsts, thirty two seconds, seventeen third places and thirty five honorable mentions in the 2007 AV Fair! Our new member Katelyn Humphrey won best of division in Junior Division 461, Helen Henry won Best of Division in Amateur division 162 and Mike Harris won Best of Show for his flower close up!


Our exhibit drew large crowds, far more that any other exhibit in the poppy pavilion (and possibly the entire Fair) demonstrating that photography is a big and growing attraction!



The only major changes to the rules from last year were to break up the Junior division into two separate divisions; twelve years and younger and thirteen to seventeen. This allowed the junior divisions to win a Junior Best of Show. We also allowed borders this year and there was some concern that many people would add large borders to their prints reducing hanging space. This turned out to be a non-problem (probably because few people read the Fair rules!).

Although we did not gather data on how many prints were hung (versus entries), the total entries were 2166, 347 more than last year (16%). Most of these additional entries were in the Advanced and Professional divisions. The number of entries in the Amateur and Junior Divisions remained about the same as last year.

Because of the additional entries, the hanging took longer because we only had nine more pegboards available for the additional entries. Although I tried to design the gallery layout beforehand based on the number of entries as was done last year, many prints had to be moved once hung to optimize the little remaining space

The judges were all S4C members, Greg Locke, Ken Cordas and Carolyn Redman. Like last year the Judging went relatively fast but the clerking to keep up with the paperwork took quite a while.

I want to thank Chairman John Shedrick and all of the approximately fifty LPA members who devoted considerable time and effort into decorating, taking-in, hanging, clerking, monitoring, taking down and all the other tasks required to put this show together. The show could not have happened without your help!


Some suggestions for next year:

  1. Change the rules to limit entries to ten or less per exhibitor. We have tried to convince the Fair to do this for the past two years without success. It is obvious that the photo exhibit will continue to grow and we probably will not be getting more hanging space next year. Those who bring in the most photos are mainly experienced photographers who win the most, canceling out the Fair’s income from their entries. The additional entries also compete against those who only bring in a few prints. I suspect that even limiting the entries to ten, the number of prints will probably be the same or more next year due to the growing interest in digital photography and ease of print making.
  2. Add one more day to hang prints and check the judging forms against the hung prints prior to judging day. Judging day will go much faster with less work and fewer errors.
  3. Make sure to add the print division, name, etc. changes to the print tags in the printed entry book at take-in. We neglected to do this in a timely manner this year creating additional work.
  4. Mount the division/Class placards on the pegboards prior to take-in day (as was done last year). This will allow print hanging immediately at the start of take-in, rather than hours later.
  5. Record the number of hung prints in each division/class when the judging forms are available (as was done last year) for record keeping purposes. Last year there were 19.5% no-shows. We don’t have no-show information yet this year.
  6. We increased the number of Fair monitors to three per shift this year. Fair management, in their wisdom decided that we should only be allowed two chairs at the LPA table! Next year we should go back to two monitor positions per shift.

If LPA wants to continue supporting the Fair next year we will need a 2008 Photography Chairperson. The pay is little (zero) and the work hard, but the satisfaction can be high. If you are interested in the position let me know.


Photos by Dennis Goodno and John Shedrick


LPA Fair Winners

LPA Fair Winner's Photos

(These are photos of photos, therefore not the  quality of the original prints)

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