General Meeting, February 2008


This evening’s program was attended by 54 people, including two new members, and two visitors.

Jim Lendenthall and his wife Linda, from the Camera Club of Laguna Hills, presented a wonderful program on Yellowstone National Park.

Over the years, they’ve photographed the park in both summer and winter.   Jim creates digital “slide” shows and Linda has 10-15 minute videos of the same locations which allow the digital still images that Jim shows to come alive.

The program was shown on a new Canon high def video projector, and the quality and colors were amazing.

Of special interest to me, was seeing some of the exact same locations photographed in two very opposite seasons, with the winter scenes looking like a beautiful Christmas card.

Buffalo covered with snow, and huge frozen waterfalls photographed at 30 below zero, made from some truly unique shots.  Some of the scenes were also photographed with an infrared camera.

Linda’s video was full of humorous moments, much beauty, and brought Yellowstone to life.

Next up… John Shedrick will be leading a Camera Lens workshop, on February 26th.

Competition night is coming March 18, and the theme is Animals (excludes birds).

Thank you to Keri Vondra for providing the yummy refreshments for the evening.  Up to $30 worth of snacks will be reimbursed by the LPA.  If you like to eat, please consider taking a turn and bringing snacks.  Please contact Beth ( to choose a month.  Thank you to Sharon Martinez for signing up for March.

Congratulations to Dennis Goodno, our President, on winning $32 at the 50/50 drawing. 


Article by Sue Craft
Photos by Dennis Goodno

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