Black & White Workshop - January 2009


Vince Capasso is an old hand at black and white photography and has mastered techniques for manipulating photographs in a chemical darkroom to accomplish just about any result you could want.

His experience and understanding of how colors relate to each other has enabled him to accomplish the same results using digital techniques.

Vince began by explaining how his images were processed using traditional methods. He used a color wheel to explain the relationship between the different colors and what happens when any one of them were adjusted. Not only the opposing color was affected, but the adjoining colors are impacted as well.
To help us better understand this, he used actual pictures which were processed with various color adjustments, and then the resulting black and white conversions using both grayscale and de-saturation techniques.

He continued, with the assistance of Dennis, to use Photoshop to demonstrate the actual process of converting a color image to a black and white image, and then using the sliders to manipulate the colors. This had a dramatic impact on the final black and white image.

There were over 30 of us in attendance and lots of questions were asked. Between Vince and Dennis, everyone received good answers and went home anxious to practice what they learned.


Thanks Vince, for putting all this together and providing us with a great workshop.


Article by Anita Kratofil
Pictures by Arley Clark unless otherwise noted

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