Discusson Group Notes March 6, 2009

Discussion Group

Eight hungry photographers descended on Crazy Otto's (CO's) on Ave I for food and talk. The evening went well with no difficulties. CO's was fairly full when some of us arrived at 6:30 PM but it was starting to clear and we got our table right away. The new environment may have led to early off-topic discussions but we quickly got back to photography and covered a good many subjects. The background noise was a little louder than we were used to but the food was great.

Don set up his mini-Sony camera on a mini-tripod and recorded a mini-movie of us stuffing our faces and complaining about being recorded. But it was all in fun because he explained that he was checking out how well his camera might work for recording coyotes (Forum post here).

Terri read an article on how the British were limiting the rights of photographers in their fight against terrorism. I replied that this was ironic because England has the most surveillance cameras of any country in the world. It also reminded me of Jerry's run-in with the Homeland Security folks when he tried photographing a Long Beach bridge at night.

Julia described some interesting photos she took of our iceplants which have been blooming in our green-porch for the last couple of months. One of these photos was blurred in such a way that it looked quite nice with it's bright blotches of color, sort of 1960's-ish. I described my trip that morning along the canyon through which Hwy 58 travels beyond Tehachapi. I took about 250 photos of emerald-green meadows, cows, trees, trains, houses, and such including a train going through the Tehachapi Loop. Many of these provide peaceful, quiet, rural, scenes which people normally associate with more Northern locations.

Art started a lively discussion thread on the definition of "Creative" and the upcoming competition. Bonnie described a photo of her eating cereal with her face on the box of cereal, something a friend of hers created. She also described the problems she's having getting Epson to honor it's $200 rebate offer on the printer she bought.

John described some of the history on club field trips. Some do better during the week (i.e Fall Colors) while weekend trips seem to draw more participants. John reminded us that we still need a Field Trip Leader. This led into a discussion of the percent of LPA members who participate by volunteering their time and effort which John considers good relative to similar clubs. I broached the idea of having two (or more) divisions within the club as a way of providing more tailored support for amateurs, especially younger members.

John said that during the week of March 16 the AV Fair will begin it's online entry program.

We had a lively discussion of Bill K's workshops on layers. It was somewhat generally agreed that, while these are great presentations on what is possible (Bill does a great job), there is so much information that people without a strong background in Photoshop and layers have a hard time duplicating his achievements at home. Knowing what I do about layers I think that, to actually teach a group of people how to do some of these things would take many hours and be impractical in our current workshop settings. I'm sure that this will be discussed at length at future meetings.

Bonnie said that the Poppies are starting to bloom at the Poppy Reserve and that the photographers are already descending upon them. I mentioned that large swaths of Soledad Mountain near Mojave are turning yellow from the fields of flowers.

This coming Friday, March 13 (another Friday the 13th), we will again meet at Crazy Otto's on Ave I between 10th West and 15th West on the South Side of the road. Our core hour is 7 PM to 8 PM but someone is usually there between 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

March 20 and 27 we will meet at Denny's at the NW corner of 20th West and Ave K as part of a comparison. If you get lost or confused then please call me at the number below.


Glenn Olson
Coordinator and Moderator

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