Discusson Group Notes June 5, 2009

Discussion Group

This night we had six regulars plus a newcomer which meant that we got to pass around our portfolios again for lots of oohs and ahhhs.

Jim started us out with some reminiscing about back in the days of film and a photo place in LA. They had regular "Model Days" where ladies would come in to get their photos taken and receive payment in prints. I mentioned that I saw a waitress in Rosamond who reminds me of Shirley Maclaine in "Two Mules for Sister Sarah". I think that she would make a good model.

Then Jim said that he now has Photoshop Elements 7. Art mentioned the NX2 software that he got with his Nikon camera and Jim reminded us of GIMP http://www.gimp.org/ which is free and almost as good as photoshop. He says that it's so popular now that there are even books available for power users. He mentioned that there is also a clone of Microsoft Office http://www.openoffice.org/.

Vivian said that she had gotten a message on her computer when downloading photos from her camera about "copy 2 of file." After some discussion it appeared that she may not have erased all the files off her memory card from the last time she downloaded and so her computer was actually seeing a second copy, though we weren't completely sure.

Art described the lighting stuff he bought online including a Nissin flash http://www99.shopping.com/-flash+nissin that is similar to those sold by Canon, but less expensive.

Jim showed me an AV Press photo of me, from the last Birdwalk, that was used to advertise for the upcoming Birdwalk. Then, when Terri showed up, she showed me the same photo. That photo is probably my 15 minutes of fame.

We discussed Lee Bergtold's teaching, photos, and activitieshttp://www.cityoflancasterca.org/Index.aspx?page=67. He's done so much that a Google gets several hits on him.

Terri mentioned that she'd learned of a wildlife preserve near 240th & N. I decided to take the opportunity to re-list my list of local places to take photos http://www.glenn-olson.com/photos/sites.htm which includes the site she was referring to (the Carl O. Gerhardy Wildlife Sanctuary). I'm still updating that list as I learn of places to go.

We talked about the fair, of course. Someone mentioned that there are fewer categories in digital than in print and Lee filled him in on the story behind this. Lee also suggested avoiding categories such as Desert Scenes, animals, and flowers because of the large number of entries in these categories last year (very competitive). We talked of entering digital because it's so easy but I think I'll stick to prints because I can control how they actually look. At the last competition my digital entries didn't look quite like what I wanted them to. We talked of Spyders http://www.calibration-direct.com/?gclid=CIjw4-Dzg5sCFRk_awody1aypg and their uses. I mentioned that I used Oak Color about a year ago and, at that time, they could mount on triple weight but not on foam. Terri said that it's better to use the foam board for the fair because they warp less.

Mary, a new LPA member, showed us her portfolio. One of her photos was a closeup of a roadrunner she took near Las Vegas. She said that the bird was running circles around her. Someone made a comment about "species confusion." Mary also had many other great photos. So, of course, we passed around our portfolios.

Art talked about how he got his ideas from other people. He even brought in side-by-side comparison photos of what he was trying to emulate and what he achieved. I liked Art's work better.

Art said he bought himself a 13x19 HP printer which was on sale for $200 through HP on the internet. The downside was that the first one he received was defective but HP was very responsive and he quickly recieved a replacement. From there we went into a discussion on HP printing products. Of course, I had to tell of my niece who works for HP in Beaverton, OR, in their printer testing lab. She always gives me a hard time when I tell her I use Epson. Vivian had some questions about her printer going through a long startup which Terri responded to.

We talked about the changes in LPA over the last couple of years. Several of the older members have passed away or moved away. The club has grown and the number and quality of the activities has increased. Mary said that she likes to read the forum but doesn't feel comfortable posting. She also liked the LPA Brochure which Terri gave a little history on.


If you can, please join us each Friday evening at Denny's at the corner of Ave K and 20th West. We begin at 6:30 PM and usually go to at least 8:30 PM. You can drop by at anytime and stay for as long as you like (you don't even have to buy anything).


Glenn Olson
Coordinator and Moderator

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