Discusson Group Notes July 31, 2009

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Summer must be getting to people because it was only Bill and me this time.

Bill has an older, simple Pentax film camera he bought for Lee Bergthold's class at the college a few years ago. Because of the demands of his work he was never able to complete the class but still wants to get into photography. Of course, time has marched on and digital is now replacing film. I suggested that he try to find a "donor" digital camera that he can use until he figures out what he wants to buy. He plans to go to the LPA swap meet in August and see what he can find there.

Bill told me that his television provider has channel 174 (Ovation) which shows quite a bit of photography related programming. I need to check to see if my provider has it also.

Bill wants to do architectural photography and I told him of all the interesting houses, from shacks to mansions, that I've seen along Elizabeth Lake Road and that I would like to do a photo journey on them. His preference is to do outsides but, since he's now a realtor, he also wants to get good at indoor shots to help show and sell houses.

We talked about cameras, sources of training, subjects and locations, and many other photography related thoughts. It would have been nice for him to meet some of the other regular members but, for some reason, no one else showed. Oh well, maybe next week.


If you can, please join us each Friday evening at Denny's at the corner of Ave K and 20th West. We begin at 6:30 PM and usually go to at least 8:30 PM. You can drop by at anytime and stay for as long as you like (you don't even have to buy anything). Denny's has graciously provided us a section to ourselves and the service is great.

All photography related subjects are fair game and there's never a planned agenda. You can bring in your questions, your stories, your equipment, your photos (paper or digital), or even just yourself to sit, listen, and/or talk.


Glenn Olson
Coordinator and Moderator

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