June 2010 Meeting - Best of the Year Competition


We had 48 members and 3 visitors attending our Photo of Year /Installation of Officers General Meeting this evening. Dave Anderson welcomed everyone and announced tonight was our Photo of the Year Competition and Installation of Officers meeting.


Our evening began with Sue Craft introducing Lyle Trusty, a long time LPA member, master photographer, monthly contributor to the LPA newsletter “Notes From Lyle” and a man who wears many hats for our club.  Lyle gave a small but valuable program titled “Introduction to Judging.”  Lyle went over the 4 basic elements to judging photographs which include 1) Impact, 2) Composition, 3) Technical and 4) Merit.  A photography judge is an expert in his/her knowledge of the broad subject of photography. They should have the ability to subjectively evaluate an image; follow rules of ethics that embody integrity, honesty and equality for all contestants; and a judge accepts the duties and responsibilities of trust placed on them by the contestants and in so doing becomes the final arbiter (as stated in the handouts provided by Lyle). Thank you Lyle for a very informative program.

Helen Henry ran the program for the End of the Year Competition. We saw some wonderful, beautiful pictures but had to choose only “ONE” in each category. Sometimes, that wasn’t very easy to do, we are getting rather good!


The Photo of the Year Competition Results are:

  • Slides: Darlene Springer
  • Novice Digital: Lee Garner
  • Amateur: Sharon Martinez
  • Adv Amateur: Diana Edgel
  • Master Digital: Helen Henry
  • Print Novice: Christine Wilkins
  • Print Amateur: Bill Sutton
  • Print Adv Amateur: Dave Anderson
  • Print Master: Mike Harris

Congratulations to ALL the Winners and each received a nice trophy!


Dave Anderson thanked Sue Liberto for bringing the refreshments this month. Please volunteer to bring snacks for the monthly meeting. Sign up on the LPA Webpage.

Congratulations Paul Craft for winning $28 at the 50/50 drawing. 

Doug Wade announced the upcoming workshops and answered questions. Jun 19, Photo Prep  & FAQs for AV Fair; Jun 22, Digital Scrapbooking – Terri Garner and Jul 20, Framing Photos – Glenn Olson.

Helen Henry reminded us of the upcoming competitions and if you want to know what is coming up this next year, the schedule is on the website. July 20th Pictorial, Oct 19th Prime Desert Woodlands and Jan 2011Portraits.

Bill Sutton is our new Field Trip chair. Thank you Bill, we look forward to many fun photography trips this coming year! Jun 16th Arliss Dawson put together a field trip to Tropico Mines in Rosamond, June 25th Descanso Gardens Bill will led us on a field trip (details on the web). Sat June 19th Bill wants to have a committee meeting at the Whoozets Café.

David Wilkins is now our Vice President, therefore he is looking for a person to take over the newsletter. You can download a copy of the newsletter from our website. LPA provides an electronic newsletter as a part of the membership package, not a paper copy to the membership. If you would like to view the newsletter at the general meeting, Cheryl Ross has a binder with the last 6 months worth of newsletters which can be viewed during the meetings.

Lyle Trusty reminded us of upcoming deadlines Lakes & Valleys Master Salon Gallery-July 6, 2010. The Salon runs 7/10-7/31 please sign up with Lyle. J. Stolte will be the Judge.

Dave Anderson gave his fair report. IT IS APPROACHING FAST!!! There is a sign up , we need clerks, monitors, helpers for decorating, take-in day etc. Please help! AV Fair Mgmt wants to have a Daily Photo Contest from Fair attendees. Add'l info re Fair on website

Last but not least, Dave Anderson installed our new officers for the 2010-2011 year. They are:

  • President: Sue Craft
  • Vice President: David Wilkins
  • Secretary: Bonnie Matthews
  • Treasurer: Terri Garner
  • Board Mbrs: Helen Henry &  Bill Sutton

If anyone wants to donate to the Library, please contact Cheryl Ross. If you would like to check out books, magazines or items in the Library, please contact Cheryl.

Everyone is invited everyone to attend the Friday night discussion group which meets every Friday night, 6:30pm at Denny’s, 20th West and K, Lancaster. Everyone is welcomed regardless of knowledge and all subjects covered.


Congratulations to the new Board!

Congratulations to all the winners!!

By Bonnie Matthews
Photos by Lee Garner unless otherwise noted.

Photo by Tylene Trout


Best of the Year Winners



Helen Henry - "Red and Yellow"

Helen Henry
"Red and Yellow"

Advanced Amateur  
Diana Edgel - "Peek A Boo"
Diana Edgel
"Peek A Boo"
Sharon Martinez - "Over My Head"
Sharon Martinez
"Over My Head"
Lee Garner - "White Out"
Lee Garner
"White Out"





Michael Harris - "San Diego Nights"
Michael Harris
"San Diego Nights"
Advanced Amateur  
Dave Anderson - "Panamint Valley North Entrance"
Dave Anderson
"Panamint Valley North Entrance"
Bill Sutton - "Canada Goose"
Bill Sutton
"Canada Goose"
Christine Wilkins - "Boardwalk in February"
Christine Wilkins
"Boardwalk in February"





Darlene Sprunger - "Hello, Mom"

Darlene Sprunger
"Hello, Mom"


by Bonnie J Matthews-Franke

Bonnie has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, but she didn�t get into digital photography until about four years ago, just before she joined the club.

Matthews finds the club to be very beneficial to her. “The interaction with other members, being able to ask questions, the workshops and the knowledge that I take away from the club is phenomenal.”

She is very active, attending most of the workshops and field trips. She has missed only a few workshops the last few years and has attended about 70% of the field trips. The fall color trip is one she�s really looking forward to.

When asked what kind of photography she prefers, she said landscapes. She just finished a vacation trip to Oregon where she photographed lighthouses, old barns and covered bridges. “I really like old structures,” she said. She now loves portraits and has her own studio.

Matthews has a Canon 5D MKII and a variety of lenses and accessories. Her favorite lens is a 28-135mm ,70-200mm. & 100mm.

Matthews is our new secretary of the club and has made many changes – to help us grow. One improvement she hopes to make, however, is to archive the meeting notes she takes so new members can have access to them online.

“I�m really proud that the club is growing like it is, and that the workshops are so great.

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