Digital Scrapbooking Workshop, June 22 2010


Terri Garner took time out from her busy schedule to present a workshop on digital scrapbooking. Now, many folks think of scrapbooking as something grandma used to do but digital scrapbooking is a generation ahead of the old cut-and-glue days. Today's software can help you make those adjustments to individual photos and place them on backgrounds, give them borders, add text, and decorate them up for printing at home or at your local printer. By combining many pages together you can create an entire book. In fact, the lines between scrapbooks, coffee-table books, photo albums, and record books have become so blurred that it's hard to tell one from the other.

With about 20 members in attendance (many of whom brought in their laptops) Terri handed out copies of the software and took us through the concept then gave us a demonstration using Creative Memories' Storybook Creator Version 3 (the free one) as an example. There are many different brands but this is the one she was familiar with. Terri showed us how to insert our photos onto pages, manipulate them in size and orientation, then (if we want) embellish the pages with colors, swirls, figures, and text so that we can tell our stories in an interesting and eye-catching way. And that's just the free version. With the advanced version and add-ons there's no limit to your creativity.


This particular software and company allow you to create entire books in sizes from 7" x 5" to 12" x 12" which you can print at home, send out for printing, or have them print it in soft or hard cover and mail it to you. The more advanced version of the software is currently on sale and, as she said, there are many companies with software to help you create your own memories.

Terri belongs to one of the many digital scrapbooking clubs that bring together people interested in scrapbooking to help them improve their skills. Plus this is one of the competitions at the AV Fair each year, if you're looking for a new challenge.


Creative Memories Storybook Information



Article by Glenn Olson
Photos by Lee Garner unless otherwise noted.

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