Antelope Valley Fair 2009 Results


Congratulations to all our members and friends who contributed to the success of this year’s Photography Exhibit.  We’ve received many favorable comments from the public and from the fair staff on how good everything looks.

There were 55 different members and 3 friends who took part in everything, including planning, our digital committee, decorating, clerking, take-in, picture hanging, monitoring the exhibit and photo release and clean-up.  Quite a few of our most dedicated members put in many hours to accomplish everything necessary to make it a success.  There were many more members who wished to work with us, but their work or health just wouldn’t allow it.


The above numbers are really impressive considering that almost half of our current membership took an active part in the single biggest endeavor that our club undertakes each year.  Very few clubs get that much participation.

Every year presents new challenges for us.  Last year, it was the move to the Van Dam building and setting the groundwork for the new digital division.  This year, it was the on-line entry system and making the new digital divisions a reality.  We also had to deal with a new and different type of paperwork for accounting for all the prints and digital entries.

The exhibit looked really nice again this year as we continued with the same design we used last year.  The prints were a little more spaced out than before with fewer prints close to the floor.  The digital divisions are drawing a lot of interest.  It appears that it will continue to be successful.

All those who took part in this endeavor should really be proud of how it turned out.  We’ve represented our club well, picked up more members, strengthened our friendships with each other and were able to interact with the public and encourage their interest in photography.


Presented by Lancaster Photography Association
Congratulations To All AV Fair Winners
[Antelope Valley Fair]

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Only LPA Members will be displayed. Sorry!

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