Tropico Gold Mine Redux

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The second opportunity to visit  Tropico Mine was a big success, thanks to the 19 earlier risers that attended.  Any trip to Tropico is a good one, that is if all the elements are right.   On Saturday July 31, 2010, the weather was great, the lighting was spectacular, and the company was awesome, what more can one ask for.  Yes, there is one thing, all could have been there.

It was evident  that most had picked there staring point to make images because they were not waiting for the group photograph.   The yell went out, " group picture, group picture."  It is impossible to hold backs one' s excitement  when there are so many image making opportunities within reach .  

There is always a question when one take a step back into the past.   One can tell by the many different conversations and awe about Tropico.   Everyone wanted to visit the "Snack Shack."   Of all the buildings, the "Snack Shack" was in pretty good shape and had many things left over from the past.   Yes, this is the building where  the jar of pickled eggs could be found.


Four hours it seems would be enough time to cover Tropico Mine, but is it?  Dave Anderson was the last to be located the first visit and this visit.  I think another trip needs to be planned just for him.  It is always a pleasure "when a plan comes together."


The Gang


Here are some images from your fellow members.  Visit the gallery to browse all the images.

Sue Craft
Paul Craft
Lee Garner
Nan Carder
Sharna Lee



Group photo by Lee Garner
Other photos by Paul Craft

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