Field Trip to the Alabama Hills


Revised Date:  September 23 and 24
Led by David and Christine Wilkins

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Due to the low availability of motel rooms in Lone Pine on the 24th of September this trip was shifted one day sooner.
There is a bike race in Lone Pine that weekend.

Last year LPA made a trip to Mono Lake and Bodie and photographed star trails at Mono Lake on a moonless night in September.  For this trip there will be a full moon so it’s time to try something different.  One can take landscape pictures with the light of the full moon.  They look as if they were taken in daylight complete with shadows except stars are visible.  One can also create star trail pictures although only the brightest stars will create trails.  Camera settings will be completely different from moonless shots.  Friday night we will set up and do a star trail shot by moonlight if the weather cooperates.


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There are many arches in the Alabama hills and one of the classic shots is Mt. Whitney framed through the arch.  This spot is a short hike from the road and easy to find. There are many other interesting rock formations in the Alabama Hills.  Rabbit brush usually blooms this time of year, so there may be lots of yellow.

Chris and I plan on going up on Wednesday the 22nd to scout locations and take a test star trail and moon light shot.  You are welcome to join us for that as well. There are several motels in Lone Pine so there are lots of choices.  We will work out the details, as the date gets closer.


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