Acton Rangers Gymkhana Field Trip - Oct. 3, 2010

Field Trips

Twelve LPA members met for a late breakfast at Crazy Otto’s in Acton, to fill their bellies with a big breakfast, before heading to the arena to photograph running horses for a few hours.  If you ever go to Crazy Otto’s for breakfast know that two people can hardly finish a half order omelet and a full omelet breakfast has 6 eggs!!!

As the group was sitting there, and the clock struck 10AM… they could hear the whistle of an oncoming train, and then the thunderous roar got louder, louder, and louder, and it sounded like the train was going to come right through the restaurant!  But…  the tables and chairs weren’t shaking.  Oh yea… it was pretend.  The old timers to the AV, had to explain the history of Crazy Otto’s to the newcomers. 

Once ready and armed for shooting horses… we were ready for action!  The weather was perfect, temperature in the high 70’s with blue skies and no wind!  Each photographer found a favorite spot along the fence and started shooting.  Some found they were a little too close to the action. Flying dirt clods made their way through the fence as the horses turned near the fence.  There were 86 riders total in various classes and events so there were many opportunities to get the shot.   There were so many photographers along the fence the announcer kept asking the riders to smile for the paparazzi!

Panning to blur the image or fast shutters to stop the action?   Why not have both and many did.  There were plenty of riders to try out both techniques and compare the results.  Photographers gathered on all sides of the arena to capture the action from various angles. 

Activities outside the arena proved irresistible for some photographers.  There were horses decorated to match riders, horses being mischievous and of course riders in various states of preparation for their event.  Even the photographers themselves proved to be interesting subjects.

It was a fun day in and out of the saddle.  Thanks to Sue Craft for organizing this fun event!

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Dave Anderson
Paul Craft
Sue Craft
Diana Edgel
Dwight Franke
Lee Garner
Sue Liberto
Bonnie Matthews
David Wilkins

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