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Kurtiss Humphrey
If I told you that I spent two hours brushing the knots out of my hair, crunching the sand grit in my teeth ‘til they were brushed clean and “Visine”-ing the sand out of my eyes, what do you think I did on April 3rd to get that way?   Nope.  It wasn’t that.  I was on the Poppy Short Shoot interacting with up to 30 mile/ hour winds and seven other LPA members. 

You’ll find bright patches of wildflowers just flashing their brilliant colors as you venture west of the Cinemark Movies 22 on Ave I and head towards the Poppy Reserve.  On this outing, the best flowers were on the backside of the reserve, at 140th St W just S of Ave D.   There are several dirt roads that will take you right through the wildflower patches.  A high clearance or 4x4 capable vehicle is needed to travel along these bumpy dirt roads. A glow of orange Poppies could be seen around 190th W and Ave A, but the wind and short shoot time deterred us from venturing that far. 

Faith W
Although we met and headed out together to a specific spot, we ended up stopping along the way at different places where the color combinations were nice.  The well-known wandering herd of sheep made an appearance, but unfortunately for the photographers, they were nowhere near the Poppies.

Poppies don’t “wake-up” until around 10am.  Well, it turns out they like to sleep in on windy days as well.  That didn’t hinder us from capturing their orange beauty contrasted against the yellows of the Desert Dandelions and Goldfields as well as the purples of the Owl’s Clover.

The wind was definitely a deterrent from getting those cool up close macro shots of the Poppies.  However, we were still able to capture interesting landscape shots and to try out different points of view.  At any one time you could see one or several of us crawling around or laying down in the Poppies as if we had fallen asleep in the Wizard of Oz poppy field.

Helen Henry

The great things about the short shoots are that they encourage us to get out with fellow photographers and actually use our cameras and equipment.  Plus, they end early enough that there is time to do other things on the same day if need be.  Some LPA members chose to stay out on this day awhile longer and do some more wandering around.

Fun was definitely had by all!  Thanks to Sue, Larry, Kurtiss, Carol, Nola, Helen and Michael making the day fabulous.  Hopefully, we’ll see more of you on next month’s short shoot.  Watch the website and newsletter for more information. 

Check out our images here and you can find the tip sheet from the day here.

Article By Faith  W & Sue Craft

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