Meeting & Competition Night, July 19 2011


Sue Craft our President welcomed 53 members and guest to our July “Prime Desert Woodland Preserve” Competition and General meeting this evening. Sue announced Chris Wilkins and Wayne Stayley are going to be our new Competition Chairs.

We need volunteers to lead fieldtrips. If you are interested, please contact Bill Sutton and he will help you.

David Wilkins announced he is working on the August program and it will be announced in the newsletter and on the web.

Douglas Wade our Workshop Chair announced the upcoming workshops:  Jul – Printing by Oak Color; Aug – (Monochrome Workshop?); Sep – (move from Aug?); Expert Series – Bring Your Camera – led by LPA members; Oct – (moved from Sep) Beginning Photography by Tylene Trout .

Christine Wilkins & Wayne Stayley new chairs reminded us of the upcoming Competitions: Sep – Monochrome; Jan – Open (?);  Mar – Portraits;  May – AV Events. Please check on the website and in the newsletter for updates.

Field Trip report and agenda is: Oct 7 – Santa Anita Racetrack Photographers Day - $20 - Bill Sutton & Sue Craft; Nov 4-7 – Yosemite in the Fall – Bill Sutton & Sue Craft; Jan TBD – Elephant Seals & Morro Bay – David & Chris Wilkins.

Dave Anderson the AV Fair Chairmen gave his report: TV’s for Electronic Images will be supplied by Aarons Rents again.  TV’s will be delivered on Friday, Aug 12 and picked up on Mon Aug 29. Online late registration still available with $5 late fee.  Clerk Training was held Friday, Jul 15 at Home Arts Building on Fairgrounds for clerks for all Exhibits (including Photography).  Additional training for Photography Clerks on 5:30 Friday, Jul 22 at Dave Anderson’s house.  I will be emailing reminders to all Photography Clerks. Sign-up’s still need for most all categories.  Especially need people for Decoration Day.  I have emailed previous “Decorators” to ask if they will be able to help. Print boards are in place in Photo building. Solicitation of Trophy sponsors are mostly complete.

Lyle Trusty gave his S4C report stating the comp year starts Oct 1 – get your UEN’s and be sure to submit your pictures by Sept 30th.  There isn’t a cost to participate since you’re a member of LPA. Nan Carder will help or answer any questions.

Helen Henry read Nan’s report during her absence. LPA finished up the year in Electronic Imaging Division (EID) with great success. Shayna by Bonnie Matthews received an Honorable Mention, Forked Tongue by Helen Henry received an Honorable Mention and Don Bennett with Cheetahs won an award. Lancaster Photography Association was the highest scoring club in the last and final round of Group 2 with 25 clubs competing. This gave LPA a year end 3rd place year end finish. You can watch for results in the PSA “Around the World” postings.  Thank you to all of the LPA members for letting us help promote the Lancaster Photography Association with all of your great images this year. It was a great way to end the PSA Interclub competition year. We are looking forward to the next competition season.

Terri Garner the Friday Night moderator for the Discussion Group announced they will meet the 2nd and 4th Friday’s of month at Denny’s 20th West and Ave K.

Cheryl Ross our Librarian reminded us since next month is our noncompetition month, showcase month, books and magazines will be available. The list of available items is on the website.

Lee Garner reminded us there is a Monthly Photo Assignment on the web.

Helen Henry announced the Best of Year Gallery Display at City Hall will be there until the end of the month.

Tylene Trout welcomed 3 new members this evening

Cheryl Ross our library chair has books, magazines and information out on non-competition night for all to view. If anyone wants to donate to the Library, please contact Cheryl Ross. If you would like to check out books, magazines or items in the Library, please contact Cheryl.  Items available for checkout can be found on the LPA website, under the Members Only section.

David Wilkins told us the Sheriff’s dept contacted us about a community service project. They have lots of dark walls in the station that need pictures and they would like to have our group take pictures that they can print and mount on their walls.  They envision 20 by 30 prints, which they will print and mount; we only have to supply the images.  They are interested in staged shots as well as shots of the deputies at work.  Ride along with the deputies can be arranged as well as scheduled events such as working at the AV Fair, DUI checkpoints, search and rescue, various ceremonies and activities.  The photographers would be given credit for their photos.  Some of the staged shots could include cars and deputies against the sunset and Joshua trees and a group member could shoot something like this.  Participants cannot be felons, on parole or probation, or wanted for crime and must submit to a quick security check.  They will also have to sign a waiver of liability.  The deputies would be willing to sign a photo release.  Things that would be off limits would be showing the faces of arrestees or crime victims or anything that would show the department in a poor light.  The photographer would have to remain in the car until the deputy felt it was safe to exit.

We started our evening off with Chris Wilkins introducing our judge, Noella Ballenger, for this evening’s Prime Desert Woodland Preserve competition.  This evening was a “digital competition only” which including 10 novices, 6 amateur, 15 advance amateur and 25 masters for a total of  56 entries.  Congratulations to all who won and thank you to all who participated. A Certificate of appreciation, honorary membership and a travel expense check of $75.00 were presented to Ms. Ballenger. Thank you to everyone who helped made tonight a success.

Check out Noella's article on Seeing Creatively: An Exercise in Cropping Your Photos:


Entries can be viewed here.

by Bonnie J Matthews-Franke

Bonnie has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, but she didn�t get into digital photography until about four years ago, just before she joined the club.

Matthews finds the club to be very beneficial to her. “The interaction with other members, being able to ask questions, the workshops and the knowledge that I take away from the club is phenomenal.”

She is very active, attending most of the workshops and field trips. She has missed only a few workshops the last few years and has attended about 70% of the field trips. The fall color trip is one she�s really looking forward to.

When asked what kind of photography she prefers, she said landscapes. She just finished a vacation trip to Oregon where she photographed lighthouses, old barns and covered bridges. “I really like old structures,” she said. She now loves portraits and has her own studio.

Matthews has a Canon 5D MKII and a variety of lenses and accessories. Her favorite lens is a 28-135mm ,70-200mm. & 100mm.

Matthews is our new secretary of the club and has made many changes – to help us grow. One improvement she hopes to make, however, is to archive the meeting notes she takes so new members can have access to them online.

“I�m really proud that the club is growing like it is, and that the workshops are so great.

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