Oak Color Workshop - July 26, 2011


This month's workshop was presented by Oak Color, a local business and professional digital lab that specializes in printing and mounting. They are located at 42207 6th St W, #104, Lancaster. There phone number is (661) 949-3347 or online at www.oakcolor.com. Their pricing on the web site is very out of date, but they did bring a printed version to hand out to everyone. Phil and Charlie came to talk about their processes and front end software. They calibrate their printers each day, which most other companies may do weekly. They allow you to download Express Digital the Photographer and Studio, a front end to set up your printing needs. The software gives you complete control over all aspects of the print, like cropping, color changes, and effects like vignetting and allows it to be submitted to the lab.

Both Phil and Charlie answered lots of questions, on subjects of paper textures, gammas and color ranges, to pricing. They are aware of the printing needs for submission of prints to the AV Fair, and can assist in getting great looking prints.

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