Dean Webb Memorial Display at PDWP

Christine and David Wilkins have had to overcome many obstacles to bring the memorial to completion, but it’s finally done….

It’s been an interesting nine months since Dec 26th, 2010, when Dean Webb passed into the sunset. We’ve had several occasions to commemorate his life and good works, and each of us has had an opportunity to speak to our relationship with Dean, remembering his great wit and friendship. It’s been a solemn time on occasion, but mostly there’s been a warm feeling of belonging to something greater than ourselves that has brought us all closer together.  He will be remembered long into our lives, and perhaps we’ll be a better person for having known him.

Our last tribute to Dean has been on hold for two or three months, while the tricky task of mounting a large screen TV on compressed hay bales with stucco walls (no fooling) of the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve Center  was completed. Christine and David Wilkins have had to overcome many obstacles to bring the memorial to completion, but it’s finally done, finished in a professional manner befitting the environmentally friendly concept of the building, and contributing to the recreational and educational facilities provided to the citizens of the Antelope Valley.

The variety of images it is able to display was previewed there on September 24th by LPA members, some of whom were first time visitors.  The large number of Images provided by our members will keep the park stocked with interesting slide shows for some time to come. The attraction of the display commands attention and invites guests to be seated and enjoy the beautiful pictures which serve as a preview of what can be seen on the walking tour of more than three miles of pathways in the one hundred acre preserve. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit there it’s worth half a day, at least, to become acquainted with this beautiful, free public facility at 35th Street West and Ave K-8. There is probably no more photogenic place to visit year-round in the city of Lancaster.

The facility is open to the public on weekends, and for groups by appointment during the week.

Article and Photos
By: Lyle Trusty, HFLPA, MLPA, and AS4C

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