Santa Anita Photographers Day

Sue Craft

Eleven LPA members participated in the 2nd annual Santa Anita Photography Day on October 7, 2011.  A $20 All Day “Press Pass” included parking, trackside photography of the early morning workouts, a tram ride, a scrumptious trackside buffet, two photography workshops presented by Canon Rep Lance Folden, and  trackside access for 8 races!  What a deal!

Bill sutton

We all gathered for that LPA “Group Pic” and since tripods were not allowed, I tapped on the shoulder of the nearest person to ask if they’d take our photo.  It just so happened to be the Canon Photo Rep!  After the group shot, Canon Rep Lance Folden shared many photo tips, and gave suggestions on how to set our cameras up for best photo ops for this event.

Lee Garner

The light was “sweet” in the early morning, as the Thoroughbreds were going through their early morning training regimen.  The colors were brilliant and steam could be seen coming out of the horse’s nostrils, and a very audible, huff, huff, huff, of the horse in action showed what a magnificent working machine the horse really is.  

Tram rides into the stable areas were available before breakfast.  There was plenty of activity going on there, with riders, horse walkers, grooms, vets and ferriers.

Breakfast... bowls of fresh fruit, croissants and rolls, pan fried potatoes with onions, scrambled eggs with peppers and tomato, sausage, bacon, and assorted breakfast drinks.  It was a breakfast plate worthy of a photo!  Guest speakers during breakfast included a track photographer, trainer, and a young woman jockey who wished that she could wear a video camera on her helmet to share an up close and personal experience as a jockey in a high speed race.

Paul Craft

After breakfast, many photographers stopped by the PSA (Photographic Society of America) table, where our very own LPA member and PSA Region 10 director Helen Henry was there sharing information.

Two 1 hour Photo Workshops were presented by Canon Rep Lance Folden.  The first one was on Action Photography, and the next one on Canon Lenses.

At 1pm, the afternoon races started.  In addition to photographing trackside, photographers had access to the track’s paddock and winner’s circle. Prime spots to photograph included capturing horses as they made the turn at the end of the track, the finish line, the winner’s circle, and of course near the starting gates.  There were 8 races that day.

by Paul Craft

Our group had lots of attention and instruction from the Canon Rep.  He answered many questions throughout the day, and then asked our group… would anyone like to shoot with my Canon 1D Mark IV?  I was only brave enough to hold it for the group photo.  Bonnie thought... if I use it, I’ll want one!  Lee smiled the biggest and got to shoot a few pics with it!  I think I know what is going to be on his Christmas wish list. (Ed note: My Christmas list will be made available upon request -- Lee)

It was a very educational day, a great opportunity to learn something knew and practice action photography, and share handy hints among fellow photographers.

Check out the gallery for some more images!

Photo by Lance Folden

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