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In the photography world, model releases have become a requirement. Even the AV Fair’s rules, every picture entered may be called to present a release. I personally, could not be bother with them. Lately, I have been changing my tune about releases.  However, I needed something that is quick and painless with customizations to the text. I found a iOS application called “Easy Release” for both the iPhone and iPad. You can view it in iTunes. The price is $9.99, which I think is a bit expensive, but I purchased it anyways.

The first time you start the app, it will ask you to answer questions about yourself, such as your name, phone and email address.  Therefore, it will be able to use that information for the releases every time.

To create a release, click the + button and make a choice for either a “model” or “property” release. Next screen is the “shoot name” or a short name for the context of the pictures  and “Shoot Reference ID” which can be anything you like to help you with your releases organization. Following the next screen is location. Either enter country, region, and/or state. I prefer to hit the little compass icon which looks up your area using GPS. The next screen is the shoot date and then the model’s name. You can enter or use existing from a list of your contacts. If needed, enter the address and contact info. Next is the Date of Birth, (if a minor, more signatures are required) or choose Adult or Minor. Next, enter a Witness’ name.

The release is now ready for signatures which are signed on the device. When ready to sign the agreement, scroll down until the end.  Tap on the agree button, and then sign. You can add notes, if needed.

The app is ready to send the release. It generates a PDF file which you can print on the spot or email it to the model. It also sends one to your email address.

The Process (repeated)

  1. Click the “Plus” sign to create a new model or property release
  2. Enter the “Shoot Name” and “Shoot Reference ID”
  3. Enter Shoot location information “Shoot Country” and “Shoot Region/State”
  4. Enter the Shoot Date
  5. Enter the Model’s Name
  6. Take a photo with your iPhone of your model
  7. Enter the Model’s date of birth, gender and ethnicity
  8. Enter the Model’s address
  9. Enter the Model’s Parent’s name, if a minor
  10. Enter the Model’s Email address and phone number
  11. Enter the name of a Witness
  12. Review the Release summary
  13. Sign your signature (the photographer) with your finger on the screen
  14. Let your Model review the agreement. Then tap to agree.
  15. Model signs the release using their finger on the screen
  16. Click to create a PDF of the signature and send it to your model & yourself via email

Additional Features & Real-World Experience

The application allows you to customize your releases with a logo, specify a default language from twelve translations or add your own custom release text, if you like.


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