Griffith Park at Night and Lights of Los Angeles

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Douglas Wade
Griffith Observatory sits on Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park. The most visited observatory in the world is a photographer’s delight. Sweeping views of the Los Angeles Basin, and beautiful landscape, greet a large number of exhibits lure visitors and locals alike. Intended for public astronomy and enjoyment, Griffith Observatory brings the fascinating mysteries of the universe a little closer.

Pam Vick
On March 8th, a group of us left Lancaster to arrive before dark at the Observatory to scope out the area. The group consisted of Arliss Dawson, Douglas Weber, Pam Vick, Wayne Staley, his niece Sarah, Jerry Stowell, and myself.

The night was pleasant, but the sky was hazy. As the sunset to the west, we observed the full moon rising, and the moon was a beautiful red.

Arliss Dawson
You can photograph many different things at the Observatory. One of the most captivating subjects is the Los Angeles skyline in the distance. This was a time to learn how to take longer exposures and working with different types of light. Notice all the colors in the image from Arliss Dawson. We used our tripods and cable releases.

From the terrace, you also get an excellent view of the beautiful grounds. The white marble, green grass, and blue skies combine to create almost surreal looking photographs.


Douglas Wade
Wayne Staley

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