Downtown Lancaster Walk About - May 5, 2012


May 5th, 2012, as a group we can meet up from 6:00-10:00am (come and go anytime). Yes, that is early, but think of the beautiful light and shadows. We will meet at the piano in front of the Brooklyn Deli near the theater.

This field trip is help you see the beauty of the town of Lancaster. Lancaster as you know is a desert town and has been developing from a template city into a city with a personality. While change is hard for some to recognize, it an opportunity to take our time and walk the Blvd, American Heroes Park, the back streets looking for interesting people, color, textures, shadows and objects.

Please sign up below if you'd like to attend.

This field trip is right before the LPA competition on AV Events. This may help capture something for you to enter.


  1. The fun of a local field trip is to set it with a group photo. We will take a group shot when we start at 6:00 am before we head out for your walk (it’ll be much harder to corral everybody after the shoot).
  2. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you wear shoes that make your feet happy.
  3. Charge all your batteries the night before, clean your lenses (and sensor), and make sure you’ve got an empty memory card and a back-up.
  4. The Most Important Thing Is….That you all stay safe.
  5. Look out for each other on the walk. Drink plenty of water beforehand and during the walk. Keep an eye on your gear at all times. Don’t get distracted by shooting—you don’t want to bump into, or trip over, anything. Get some great shots.


  • Camera
  • Tripod (opt)
  • Good walking shoes


Colors are another common trigger. Your eye will be drawn to contrasting colors. A person in a bright outfit, a red door, rust on a surface. Follow your eye, take your time to absorb the scene, move to shoot it from different angles.

Lines and patterns are another obvious draw in photography. It can be a roadway, railroad tracks, a power line, a set of stairs or a simple railing. Lines and repeating patterns will draw your attention and can make interesting images.

People! A favorite subjects are everyday people. Be patient and observe the world around you. There are at least two different approaches to people photography: the candids and the street portraits. Combine both and you tell a story. Try shooting from a distance with the telephoto lens. Find a great location. A street corner with some interesting backdrop (it can be a colorful wall, an amusing billboard, a spot with some interesting lighting, etc) and just wait for the scene to take place. If you are patient enough you will go home with a treasure!

Try interacting with people on the streets and asking them if I could take their picture, it’s very intimidating but also addicting. Yes, you will get some rejections but a smile can go a long way. Be honest, people like a compliment and most don’t mind having their picture taken. Be friendly and respectful: “Cool outfit, I love it!  Would you mind if I took your picture?” Show them the resulting image on the back of your camera.

Reflections are another thing to look for when out. Shoot contrasting architectures or elements such as an old buildings or trees reflecting in a modern glass structure.

Collections of things are great to look for and photograph. They are really easy to find at stores. Items that are stacked, fruits and vegetable displayed in neat rows can make great subject!

The list could go on and on. One thing to remember: Just get out and shoot! HAVE FUN!

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