LPA Action Photography Workshop - June 26, 2012


Led by Tylene Trout & Sue Craft - 6pm at the Senior Center in Lancaster

Timing was great… Tylene Trout and Sue Craft presented a workshop on Action Photography.  The presentation was designed to provide more ideas and new techniques to try before our July 17th Action Photography contest.

Action is defined as “motion being portrayed as the dominant theme”.  Topics for  the  workshop included:  panning/blurring, freezing action, capturing peak action, focusing, and concluded with fireworks photography.

10 Tips for Stunning Action Photography was shared, plus Youtube videos on:  Action Photography by Samy’s Camera, Panning Photography, Back Button Focusing, and How to Shoot Fireworks – Tips & Tricks.  Download a PDF version of the 10 Tips for Stunning Action Photography

Remember, for action photography, Shutter Priority is of most importance.  Think in terms of speed.  Do you want to blur the action or background, or do you want to freeze it?

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