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Since our past AVF Chairperson Dave Anderson moved to the other side of the country, Douglas Wade, last year’s Co-Chair accepted the position of AVF Chairperson for 2012, and your past President Sue Craft became Co-Chair.

Changes for 2012 – Increased Best of Divisions Award (Adult) from $25 to $50, increased Best of Show Award (Adult) from $50 to $100, and added a Sweepstakes Award of $100 for entrant with most number of points based upon points for ribbon winners.  We also changed the judging from the American System to Danish System for Youth (17 & under) where multiple awards are offered based upon a score.   The Junior Best of Divisions and Best of Show Award were increased as well. 

There were many volunteers who stepped up to assist with this year’s fair.  Thank you all for your assistance in pulling off this huge community event!  A special thank you to Richard Wood for being there every day to offer assistance, and suggestions; to Bonnie Matthews, our main clerk for many years who kept us all straight with the clerking part; to Helen Henry our Print Hanging Coordinator; and to those unsung heroes, Lee Garner and Paul Craft, who do the behind the scenes stuff..  the computer work for digital entries!  It put a smile on our faces to see so many new LPA members jump in to help.  We greatly appreciated their help.  I think they found the work rewarding since many of them returned for a second long day of volunteer work… print hanging, after 12 hours of photo take in.  The rewards were many…  help the LPA, help the AV Fair, help your local community, and make new friends… all in the name of something you love… Photography!

[media:20120820181154130 width:0 height:0 border:1 align:auto link:1 alt:0 linksrc:disp]Take In Day – We had numerous volunteers but we still could have used more.  The organizers kept it all flowing and we welcomed help from anyone willing to assist.  To meet the needs of the community, we offered take in from 9am to 8pm.  Volunteers came in earlier and stayed later.  It was a LONG but rewarding day.

Print Hanging Day – We started at 9am and very quickly the group got into the groove and started working together like a finely tuned machine.  New member Dennis Lust, an interior designer, volunteered and WOW… started us off with hanging black and white and amateur prints.  While he couldn’t stay the whole day, you will notice that he visual presentation on the boards is a notch above last year.  Thank you Dennis!

Judging Day –   This was a two day event, one for digital and the other for prints.  As required by AVF, only AVF 2012 trained clerks could be present on judging day, and we had many who took the time to attend the mandatory clerk training.  We had our usual working crew for print judging, but we had more time on digital night and worked in some of the new clerks, to give them a taste of working the books and being a clerk.  Late Sunday afternoon, as we’re all growing weary and wanting to go home, Chris Wilkins showed up homemade lemonade, cookies, grapes, Asian Wraps and more!

Opening Day – It was finally time to share what some of us clerks had been holding in for days… LPA Member Tina Crowe received Best of Show!!!   LPA Members Nola Zhang, and Nan Carder also won Best of Division Awards.  LPA Member Bill Strait’s daughter won Best of Division for Junior 12 & Under.  What a delight to see the big smile on her face as she walked in the door!   Many other LPA members received ribbons too!  Congratulations to all.

All who signed up to monitor the photo building earned a free pass/parking ticket for every 4 hours volunteered.  All who volunteered before AV Fair opening also earned up to 2 passes and parking ticket for every 4 hours volunteered to the AVF through LPA.

We’re going to need your help on Print/Award Pick up Day on Aug 27.  Volunteer for one hour or all day. Print pick up starts at 1pm and ends at 8pm.  The more volunteers the easier and the more fun for all.

Final details… this year there were 1962 photo entries (slightly down from last year) with less than a 10% no show rate, which is better than anticipated.  Close to 700 hours of volunteer time was put in before the fair even opened!  Close to 200 more hours will be donated during the fair, and then there is pick up day, and clean up.  We should easily pass 1,000 hours of volunteer time by LPA.

We’re already thinking about 2013 and would like your constructive comments. Please submit comments to your AVF Chair and Co-Chair Douglas Wade douglaswade@gmail.com and/or Sue Craft sue@suecraftphotography.com.

Check out the photos taken during AVF on the LPA website under Galleries, AVF, 2012.

And once again, thank you all!

Douglas Wade & Sue Craft
AVF Chair and Co-Chair

Photos by Lyle Trusty

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