Star Trails/Light Painting Workshop - Sept. 8


David Wilkins
Saddleback Butte State Park, 7-10PM at the Campground

Led by David and Chris Wilkins

This workshop is set up to help those who are going on the Mono Lake/Bodie trip and are not familiar with how to shoot star trails, but all members who are interested in learning more about star trails are welcome.  We will meet at the campground in Saddleback Butte Park at 7PM and go over how to shoot star trails.  As soon as it is dark enough we can go out in the Joshua’s and start shooting, expected to be about 8:30PM.

You absolutely must have a tripod, a cable release and a camera that has bulb mode.  A wide angle lens is recommended.  It is also a good idea to have a fully charged battery that you know will last at least one hour.  Bring a flashlight if you want to do some light painting.

Enter the park via 170th East and Ave K and go to the campground campfire center.  Please pay the day use fee at the kiosk at the entrance.  The entrance near 170th East and Ave J, the picnic area, will close and lock at sundown, so do not plan on using this entrance!

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is this where I sign up to attend this event??
Yes, the signup form should be available now.

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