Portraiture & Posing Workshop - September 25, 2012


Led by Suzanne Gonzalez

Suzanne Gonzalez has a degree in art but after being a working artist, switched into photography.  She has been in business for over 20 years.  She photographs cheer teams, dance studios, school dances, and some weddings.  She also loves doing character portraits.  She makes her own backdrops (up to 30’ across) to accommodate large teams.  She is print chairman for S4C and now president of the Glendora Camera Club.

After giving a presentation on how to pose models (using LPA members to demo), she shared some of her photos, and pointed out what made them work… S curves, graceful side of hand, tilt head inwards, etc.  She provided a handout Family Photo Tips – by Suzanne Gonzalez 2012.  Afterwards, members got to practice posing each other and taking photos under the strobe lights with the backdrop that Suzanne provided.

One handy tip she mentioned was to view other portrait/family photos on other website sites such as Flicker (Pinterest is a good one too) and copy/paste photos you find inspirational to a folder on your computer and review them before you go out to do a photo shoot.  Suzanne suggested studying the works of Norman Rockwell and Monte Zucker.  Another tip… rules are made to be broken.  Have fun with your photo creations!

Check out Suzanne’s website at www.photobysuzanne.com.

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