PSA Report for October 2012

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This year, Helen Henry, Jerry Henry, Bill Sutton, Leslie Sutton, and I attended the PSA Annual Conference in San Francisco. We had a great time with tours, classes, vendors, etc. Next year the conference will be in Portland, Maine. In 2014, the conference will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Balloon Festival), then a return visit to Yellowstone. More information on this year’s conference will be available in the LPA November “Desert Exposure”.

PSA Interclub Competitions: The first Nature Interclub competition is due October 15th. Any member in the club is eligible for this competition, whether they are a PSA member or not.

New AMD: PSA is restructuring their Membership, and Helen Henry is taking on a new responsibility. There will be eight new Area Membership Directors. Helen will be responsible for the western region of the United States. She will work with the State Membership Directors in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Hawaii. Congratulations Helen on your new position.

New Division: There is a new Division for the Photographic Society of America which is the Projected Image Division. It will replace the Color Projected Division and Electronic Image Division. All PSA Acceptances from previous International Exhibitions (like the Coachella Valley International Exhibition and the recent S4C International Exhibition) will go towards stars in the new Projected Image Division.

At the PSA Conference, Bill Sutton was recruited to be one of the new PSA PID Interclub Group Coordinator. Bill also joined one of the PSA Projected Image Division’s Study Groups.

The results for the PSA CPID Creative Interclub Best of the Best have been announced. Both Helen Henry (Day Tripping in LA) and Bill Sutton, Balloon Fantasy won Silver Medals in Group B. Their images were shown at the PSA Conference on Saturday. Congratulations to both of these LPA members.

Photographic Society of America’s Council Challenge 2012: The Lancaster Photography Association belongs to the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C). Every year there is a Photographic Society of America (PSA) Council’s Challenge Contest that PSA-member organizations can enter. This year, the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club in Maryland, under the direction of Roz Kleffman, hosted the challenge. Ten images were selected for competition in each of the three sections from each organization from each participating Council: Digital Color Images, Digital Monochrome Images, and Prints: Color or Monochrome. S4C Council Representative, Joanne Stolte, APSA, MPSA, entered four of the Lancaster Photography Association’s member images in the Digital Color Images and the Digital Monochrome Images.

The Southern California Council of Camera Clubs was third in the Council standings for Digital Color Images, and tied for second in the Digital Monochrome Images sections. The S4C Council did not enter the Print section. The winning images can be seen at this PSA web site:

Lancaster Photography Association entries for the Council Challenge were the following:

“Little Suzy”, Arliss Dawson PSA Council Challenge Digital Monochrome entry
“Soldier”, Helen Henry PSA Council Challenge Digital Monochrome entry
“Hibiscus”, Nan Carder PSA Council Challenge Digital Color entry
“Katelyn”, Nan Carder PSA Council Challenge Digital Monochrome entry (Honorable Mention)

Join a Study Group: If you are a PSA Member, you are invited to join a PSA Study Group. There will be two Study Groups in the new Projected Image Division (Digital Dialog and PID Study Groups). If anyone would like to see what study groups are all about, please go to this link There are over 50 study groups just in the Digital Dialog group. It is a great learning tool.

Be sure to enter the 2012 Ocean State International Exhibition of Photography’s club contest. Upload images to the LPA Competitions (Photo Contest Submission) area. This if free to all LPA members. Send in your best image. Any image can qualify. LPA members who submit images will select the images that will represent the Lancaster Photography Association. This is a great learning experience on how to judge also.

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